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Stephen Ufford

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Trulioo

Stephen is the CEO and Founder of Trulioo. He has founded and successfully sold several consumer data focused start-ups over the last decade. As a serial entrepreneur, Stephen likes to challenge the status quo and if it’s broken, he likes to fix it. In 2011, the identity veteran started his most recent startup, Trulioo, to help build a trust layer into the Internet, and fix the problem of broken identity that today affects so many online businesses.
Gift Card Fraud Is A Trillion-Dollar Global

Gift Card Fraud Is A Trillion-Dollar Global Epidemic

As gift cards become more popular with consumers and merchants, criminals also want a piece of the holiday pie. As criminals get savvier, they are finding new loopholes to exploit, and e-gift cards are increasingly becoming a lucrative way to commit fraud and to launder money.
12/12/2016 06:56 EST
Financial Crime And The Rise Of

Financial Crime And The Rise Of Regtech

The emergence of fintech brings forth a new set of regulatory challenges as enforcement agencies and governments wrangle with a difficult question: How to create regulations for this new sector to keep the public safe -- without squashing innovation?
10/25/2016 03:56 EDT