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Stephen Weir

Journalist, Diver, Publicist, Charles Taylor Prize/Caribana/Scotiabank Photography Award, Brampton Art Gallery, Cundill book prize

Stephen Weir is a well-known Toronto communicator. He is an active publicist working on many important cultural projects including the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival (Caribana), McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and the Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction.

Weir has worked on assignments for Space Canada, OPSEU, the Association in Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted, The Ontario Science Centre, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Varley Gallery, the Sharon Temple and Toronto’s Marine Museum. He has handled PR assignments for a number of well-known authors, artists and public figures including Johnnie Cochran, Hurricane Carter, Robert Bateman, Bob Rae, Norval Morrisseau and Tim Cook.

He has written for a number of TV shows including the TSN 13-part airplane series Sky High that continues to find audiences around the world. Stephen Weir is also an active journalist who has one non-fiction book published (The Sinking of the Mayflower) under his own name and has ghost written two other books. For thirty years he has been researching, watching and writing about the History of Diving in the Movies. Mr. Weir is the travel editor of Diver Magazine and is a regular condo story contributor to daily Toronto newspapers.
Not Always Happy In Canada But Forever Handout

Not Always Happy In Canada But Forever Jolly

In the Black, a new autobiography by activist businessman and radio pioneer B. Denham Jolly, is going to have members of Toronto's white community seeing red. It might have Black Lives Matter taking n...
05/16/2017 02:17 EDT
What Makes Charles Pachter Tick In A Trumpian

What Makes Charles Pachter Tick In A Trumpian World?

Too bad Winston Churchill never met Canadian artist Charlie Pachter. The British WW2 Saviour of the Nation might not have given up on aging liberals so quickly when he reportedly opined that "any man...
04/04/2017 04:42 EDT
Toronto's Two Film Festival Stephen Weir

Toronto's Two Film Festival Solitudes

Caribbean Tales In The North. TIFF Owns The South When it comes to the downtown Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the College Street Caribbean Tales Film Festival, (CTFF) it is the Two So...
09/15/2016 05:54 EDT
Meet 'America Wild' And The Star Behind

Meet 'America Wild' And The Star Behind It

" I don't work out. I don't diet. I don't prepare before climbing," confessed 23-year old mountain climber and artist Rachel Pohl. " Why can I (climb up a near vertical rock face) do it? Thank my moth...
08/09/2016 11:59 EDT
Diving In Mexican Cenotes: Where Only The Light Gets Stephen Weir

Diving In Mexican Cenotes: Where Only The Light Gets Bent

It is a sight that only divers get to see. Beams of light literally making a sharp left turn underwater. In some Mexican caverns (cenotes) divers can witness and photograph light being bent! If the direct rays of the sun pierce the forest canopy and shine through a small hole in the cenote's roof, it just might happen.
05/10/2016 11:36 EDT
The Sci-Fi Visions Of Canadian Artist John

The Sci-Fi Visions Of Canadian Artist John Scott

John Scott - from George Socka video I met artist John Scott back in Windsor in the late 60s, long before he started painting bunny ears on boxer Mike Tyson and a sci-fi wheelchair for a long-forgotte...
02/12/2016 03:54 EST
Hadley + Maxwell, Resculpting Stephen Weir

Hadley + Maxwell, Resculpting Canada

When the massive Art Gallery of Hamilton exhibition, are you experienced? ends its six-month run a few days after New Years, Canadian artists Hadley + Maxwell will be well on their way to owning the title of Canada's most sought after sculpting duo!
12/21/2015 01:23 EST
Kingston's Iain Reid Wins Emerging Author

Kingston's Iain Reid Wins Emerging Author Award

On Monday, Iain Reid, a Kingston, Ontario based writer, was named the recipient of the 2015 RBC Taylor Emerging Writer Award. Mr. Reid was nominated for the Award by Plum Johnson whose book They Left...
05/14/2015 11:31 EDT
A Prize Week For Authors In

A Prize Week For Authors In Canada

Yesterday it was the Giller. This morning it was the Griffin and the Weston Prizes and this weekend Word On The Street. This week is the busiest time of the year for authors, readers and the nation's...
09/17/2014 04:42 EDT