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Stephen Weir

Journalist, Diver, Publicist, Charles Taylor Prize/Caribana/Scotiabank Photography Award, Brampton Art Gallery, Cundill book prize

Stephen Weir is a well-known Toronto communicator. He is an active publicist working on many important cultural projects including the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival (Caribana), McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and the Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction.

Weir has worked on assignments for Space Canada, OPSEU, the Association in Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted, The Ontario Science Centre, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Varley Gallery, the Sharon Temple and Toronto’s Marine Museum. He has handled PR assignments for a number of well-known authors, artists and public figures including Johnnie Cochran, Hurricane Carter, Robert Bateman, Bob Rae, Norval Morrisseau and Tim Cook.

He has written for a number of TV shows including the TSN 13-part airplane series Sky High that continues to find audiences around the world. Stephen Weir is also an active journalist who has one non-fiction book published (The Sinking of the Mayflower) under his own name and has ghost written two other books. For thirty years he has been researching, watching and writing about the History of Diving in the Movies. Mr. Weir is the travel editor of Diver Magazine and is a regular condo story contributor to daily Toronto newspapers.

My Brief Moment with the Grey Cup

Shawn Gore brought the Grey Cup to his church last Tuesday to show the young kids in the neighbourhood. Shawn invited the kids to look at the cup but asked them not to touch it. When the CP24 cameraman asked me to move the cup a bit, the kids gasped that I would disobey their hero Shawn.
04/30/2012 02:25 EDT

Don't Trust Me With Your LinkedIn Info

For the second time in a month, an investigative criminal reporter has called me looking for info on people that I am linked into through the popular business social network LinkedIn. Giving private information to a publicist is not like talking to a reporter off-the-record. As a journalist your secret is safe with me. As a publicist? You must be kidding.
04/03/2012 05:54 EDT

How Steve Jobs Transformed PR

In the old days -- a year ago -- there was a certain never-stray-from blue print for the physical set-up of a press event. The appearance at pressers of the iPad, the iPhone, and vastly improved lightweight cameras, video recorders, and audio recorders has forced publicists in the non-profit Arts sector to change how media events are set up and run.
01/14/2012 11:31 EST