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Stephen Woodworth

MP, Kitchener-Centre

Stephen has represented the voters in Kitchener-Centre faithfully since being elected as their MP in 2008. Prior to being elected Stephen practiced law in Kitchener for almost 30 years, providing quality, affordable legal assistance to thousands of Canadians.

Before completing his law degree in 1977, Stephen attended Wilfrid Laurier University, paying for tuition by working on assembly lines at MTD Products and Budd Automotive (known later as Kitchener Frame). He was elected a School Trustee in Kitchener in 1993, 1997 and 2003, served on the board of Big Brothers, volunteered regularly with the Knights of Columbus and has been a lector at his church since 1967.
My Motion Got Stuck on One Word: CP

My Motion Got Stuck on One Word: "Abortion"

The word "abortion" seemed to cast a hypnotic spell over MPs who spoke against Motion 312 in the Parliamentary debate, causing them to suspend thoughtful analysis and abandon time-honoured Canadian values and institutions. Canadians across our land are beginning to realize the damage to our democratic institutions and principles being done by those whose single-minded, intransigent and extreme preoccupation with protecting our abortion practices leads to abandon essential Canadian ideals.
10/02/2012 12:01 EDT
CHANGE MY MIND: When Should a Fetus be Recognized as a

CHANGE MY MIND: When Should a Fetus be Recognized as a Child?

In February, Tory MP Stephen Woodworth filed a motion requesting a study of a subsection of the Criminal Code that says in Canada a child does not become a human being until the moment of complete birth. For our new debate series -- "Change My Mind" -- Huffpost Canada asked Joyce Arthur, founder of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, to debate with Woodworth the need for his motion. Whom do you agree with?
04/02/2012 04:45 EDT

Woodworth #2

Thank you for this opportunity to reply to Ms. Arthur's comments. 1) Ms. Arthur suggests that using the word "child" is begging the question since she assumes that a "child" is a "human being." I reco...
04/02/2012 02:01 EDT
Pro response

Pro response #1

I appreciate the willingness of Ms. Arthur to debate the policy of my motion (M-312). I'll begin with what Supreme Court Justice Bertha Wilson said in her ruling in R v Morgentaler in 1988: "The preci...
04/02/2012 01:54 EDT
When is a Baby not a Baby? When Our Abortion Law Says it PA

When is a Baby not a Baby? When Our Abortion Law Says it Isn't

Many believe Canada has no abortion law. On the other hand, a recent poll disclosed that 79 per cent of Canadians believe that Canadian law protects the fundamental human rights of children before birth in the later stages of gestation. In fact, the opposite is true on both counts.
01/03/2012 01:49 EST