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Steve Bolton

President & CEO, Libro Credit Union, Chair of the Credit Unions of Ontario

Stephen Bolton has a 27-year history with Libro Credit Union and has spearheaded several mutually beneficial combinations with neighbouring credit unions across southwestern Ontario.

Steve’s commitment to the growth and prosperity of this region is apparent in his current service on the Board of Directors of the London Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors of Credential Financial Services. Along with a Bachelor of Commerce and an Executive MBA, Steve is also an Associate of the Credit Union Institute of Canada and holds a number of certificates from the Canadian Securities Institute.
Why More Canadians Are Looking for Alternatives to Big

Why More Canadians Are Looking for Alternatives to Big Banks

According to a recent survey more Canadians than ever are becoming dissatisfied with their bank. In fact, the survey found nearly nine per cent of respondents said they will "definitely or probably" switch banks in the next 12 months, compared with seven per cent in 2014.
08/17/2015 12:20 EDT