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Steve Marchand

Auteur de Citoyen de Ville Joie

Steve Marchand est l'auteur de Citoyen de Ville Joie, Souvenirs d'un orphelin, un livre électronique disponible en français et en anglais. Il est né au Québec et réside présentement dans le Grand Toronto.

Steve Marchand is the author of Citizen of Happy Town: An orphan remembers, an eBook he wrote in both English and French. He was born in Québec and currently lives in the Greater Toronto Area.
I Remember the Day I Met My

I Remember the Day I Met My Parents

I remember the exact day I met my parents. Not many people can say that. It was on my 10th birthday. February 23, 1979, to be precise. Danielle, the Social Worker in charge of my case since I had become an orphan four years earlier, drove me to a restaurant where she introduced me to a nice young couple. Today however, after a long and intense look into my past, the scene that took place some 35 years ago is a comforting memory not only because it coincides with the real beginning of my life, but because it also serves as a reminder of all that had to happen in the years before that meeting.
11/05/2014 08:40 EST