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Steve Titus

President & CEO of Aercoustics, an acoustical engineering firm specializing in the field of acoustics, noise & vibration.

Steve Titus is President & CEO of Aercoustics Engineering Limited, a privately-held firm that specializes in fostering innovation in acoustics, vibration and noise control. Steve was promoted to his current role in 2012, and has more than a decade of experience in acoustical design. Aercoustics works with architects and engineers to solve acoustic, noise and vibration issues for a wide variety of projects, from wind turbine noise reduction and measurement, to urban and residential planning, to expert witness testimonies.
Why Investing Time In Innovation Pays Maskot via Getty Images

Why Investing Time In Innovation Pays Off

Time is a precious commodity. Everyone wants more of it but there are only 24 hours in a day. And every company wants to be seen as innovative but it is not something you can always book a meeting to accomplish. Innovation usually requires an investment of time and resources.
03/30/2016 04:06 EDT
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Are Open Office Environments Hurting Productivity?

Open offices create a more collaborative atmosphere because employees can interact more easily. However, there should be spaces that allow employees to be focused and others for collaboration. Open office frustration tends to happen when the spaces are not used properly.
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