Steven Kakinoosit

Indigenous Land Defender & Human Rights Activist

Steven Kakinoosit is a Woodland Cree from Sucker Creek First Nation. He was born and raised in Prince George BC and made the move to Vancouver in May 2012 for a better chance at life. He has been involved with Idle No More since December 10th and was recently named the leader of Idle No More in BC.
Canadian Hip-Hop Connecting First Nations To

Canadian Hip-Hop Connecting First Nations To Newcomers

We have been collaborating on finding ways to bridge the gap between the Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities. One of the greatest ways we have found is hip-hop music and culture. If one takes the time to look, they would see that the Indigenous community and the hip-hop community both share a lot of the same experiences.
09/18/2013 05:29 EDT