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Steven Kerzner

TV creator, producer, writer and 'father' of Ed the Sock.

An award-winning TV creator, producer, writer and showrunner, Steven Kerzner is a leading commentator on news, current events and pop culture as himself and through his creation, Canadian icon Ed the Sock. <br> <br> A leading voice in the development of City & Muchmusic, an experienced radio broadcaster and continuing force in the world of TV and online media, Steven's envelope-pushing concepts have made an ongoing contribution to the development of Canadian media.
Dave Letterman Was My Man on the

Dave Letterman Was My Man on the Inside

I loved TV, so to enjoy the adventures of (the bionic) Steve Austin or Jim Rockford or Fonzie and the Cunninghams, I had to endure the obvious social-engineering messages that reminded me I was an outsider. Then along came David Letterman.
05/21/2015 06:41 EDT