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Steven Shehori

Canadian comedy award-winning writer

Steven Shehori ( is a Canadian Comedy Award-winning writer and 10-time nominee. After 7 years as a senior news, political and comedy writer for Naked News, he’s more recently served as a senior comedy writer for The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos (Canada's late-night talk show), This Hour Has 22 Minutes (Canada's SNL), a couple of sitcoms you haven't heard of, and 8 national award shows. More of his comedy writing is available at his self-serving vanity web site Recent TV appearances as an actor, stand-up comic & pundit include MuchMusic's Video on Trial and Stars Gone Wild, MuchMoreMusic's Listed, and the Comedy Network's Punched Up.

Along with his brother Daniel, he's the creator/producer of the Second City Toronto’s Shehori Brothers’ Character Night – the longest running show in the organization's history. Not to toot his own horn, but this recent quote from slickrick_68 speaks volumes about Steven: “Great eBayer! Lightning fast payment! Would recommend! A+++++++++”... Yes, you read right. That's NINE plusses.
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What Makes A Top-Notch Product Manager?

In any creative enterprise, product managers (PMs) play a vital role in development. They take projects from inception to execution, while acting as the point of contact between various departments. When the job is done right, it's much easier to achieve maximized benefits with minimal risks and costs.
05/02/2017 01:39 EDT
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Watch Your Company Flourish With The Lean Startup Method

Here's a sad reality: most products and services developed by large corporations never make it to market. There are simply too many internal hurdles to jump through. Which means when it comes to successfully bridging innovation and commerce, larger-sized corporations can learn a lot from startups. And they can do so without battling bureaucracy or running afoul of shareholders.
04/27/2017 01:23 EDT
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Paul Feig Is Hoping For A Second Season Of 'Other Space'

Hollywood can be a bit of a dick to creative folks. I moved here on a green card three years ago after the U.S. State Department decided my contributions to Canadian comedy made me a "person of extraordinary ability." Yet despite this distinction -- and a bunch of national awards (whatevs, no biggie) -- I've been stonewalled from getting my TV pitches off the ground, given I can't even find an L.A. agent interested in reading 'em. That's the industry for ya.
03/16/2017 05:12 EDT

A Conversation With WWE Legend Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is a world champion professional wrestler, a New York Times bestselling author, and the frontman of heavy metal band Fozzy. On Sunday, November 20, he takes his Talk is Jericho podcast t...
11/16/2016 03:26 EST
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My Summer Of Heists

At 21 years old, I was a summer student at the University of Montreal. The end-of-semester French exam was looming, and I was on the bubble, grades wise. I desperately needed to do well, so I hunkered down.
06/21/2016 04:18 EDT
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Forget What Sports Movies Say: Always Bet On Goliath

If there's one thing we've all been taught, is that the tenacious little guy can muster up the wherewithal to defeat a much larger opponent. I came across this scenario at a young age. When I was ten, my dad enrolled me in a judo tournament. Admittedly, this particular Eastern discipline commands as much respect as Jazzercise. But back in 1982, it was easily a solid 6 per cent cooler.
05/03/2016 04:42 EDT
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Makin' Friends In Business

As difficult as the experience was, I'm glad I walked back into the building that fateful night. Closure is a powerful drug, and with all the wonderful friends I'd made at the company, I relish the fact they got their much-needed confirmation re: me picking up my notepad. I truly, truly loved that notepad.
04/08/2016 04:14 EDT

Instant Home Delivery: Friend Or Foe?

Just as Netflix has taken over for video rental stores, there's no stopping the inevitable dominance of home delivery over conventional retail. Even those in the ruralest (not actually a word) of rural areas have been invited to the party, courtesy of expanded courier routes and burgeoning drone delivery technology.
01/14/2016 11:30 EST

Putting Our Parks in Drive

Remember in Big Yellow Taxi, when the legendary Joni Mitchell sang, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot"? If not, you may recall Counting Crows crooning the same sentiment years later in a n...
01/06/2016 03:56 EST

Putting Our Parks in Drive

Remember in Big Yellow Taxi, when the legendary Joni Mitchell sang, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot"? If not, you may recall Counting Crows crooning the same sentiment years later in a n...
01/06/2016 03:56 EST
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When Blogging Replaced Diaries

We humans are a social species, and as much as we may insist otherwise, audiences give our lives value. For some its emotional value. For others, intellectual or professional. But we all seek it out. And unlike those dark pre-internet days (pre-Web 2.0, to be more accurate), the audience is out there, ready to be engaged.
01/05/2016 04:20 EST
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Confessions Of A Non-Car Guy

Confession time. I'm a Canadian guy that knows nothing about cars. Possibly less than nothing. OK, let me contextualize that statement. I can work the radio, the turn signal, the rear defrost, and the intermittent wipers. But after that, my comprehension kind of falls off the table.
12/23/2015 03:30 EST