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Steven Zhou

Blogger, The Canadian-Muslim Vote (TCMV)

Steven Zhou is a journalist and editor based in Toronto focusing on post-9/11 politics and culture. He is a blogger for Canadian Muslim Vote, an editor at The Islamic Monthly, and a regular op-ed contributor to the CBC News website. His writings have appeared on Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera America, and the Globe and Mail, among other outlets. He has also worked for CBC Radio and The Ottawa Citizen. See his work at
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Refugee Crisis Highlights Need for More Engagement Among Canadians

Data from UNHCR shows that only about one per cent of the world's displaced population resides in Canada. In fact, Canada has yet to meet its own targets for refugee acceptance when it comes to the current crisis, which originates primarily out of Syria and Iraq. Canadians, especially Muslim Canadians, interested in changing this status quo now have a lot more incentive to show up on October 19 to vote and do their part in the political process.
09/29/2015 08:01 EDT

Duffy Affair Shows Importance of Election-Time Civic Skepticism

To the world, Canada looks like heaven. What the world envisions when they think of Canada is not immigration detention centres or deportation. So, while the world mourns the loss of Abdullah Kurdi's family, we Canadians must ask ourselves, do we not have an obligation to live up to the global expectations we have created? Do we not have an obligation to rise to the occasion and create the asylum innocent families fleeing war-torn Syria, Iraq and other regions so desperately need?
09/04/2015 01:09 EDT

Canadian Muslims Must Use Their Votes This Election

This year's election will probably mark a watershed when it comes to how the Muslims see themselves politically. Different narratives animate various camps within the community, but there seem to be sizeable movement on both ends of the spectrum.
08/07/2015 09:24 EDT