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Toronto-based S-Trip! offers action-packed vacations for students.

Student graduation and Spring Break tour provider S-Trip! operates out of 7 offices around the world. <br> <br> S-Trip! has provided the #TripofaLifetime for more than 125,000 students from 1,400 high schools and 21 universities around North America. <br> <br> Established in the late 1970s, S-Trip! prides itself on its student focused vacations that all feature an enriching volunteer component.
5 Tips For Learning A New Language

5 Tips For Learning A New Language Efficiently

Vacations are fabulous opportunities to immerse ourselves in new cultures and experiences. However, with more than 4,000 languages spoken around the world, communication remains a constant barrier for those who are not multilingual.
11/09/2016 05:07 EST
How To Travel With Your Friends (And Still Stay

How To Travel With Your Friends (And Still Stay Friends)

Embracing our internal wanderlust is great. But, it is even better when we do it with friends. Traveling with a group lets you share the adventure, provides more safety and ensures you have a photographer to capture those moments you never want to forget.
10/11/2016 01:43 EDT