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Stuart Shanker

Professor, York University and CEO of The MEHRIT Centre; author of SELF-REG

DR. STUART SHANKER is a distinguished research professor emeritus of psychology and philosophy from York University and the creator of The MEHRIT Centre and the Self Regulation Institute. He is a former president of the Council of Early Child Development. His expertise has been sought internationally as an adviser on early child development and self-regulation to school boards and government organizations. His five-step Self-Reg model -- The Shanker Method®-- is a powerful process for understanding and managing stress in children, youth and adults.

An internationally acclaimed speaker, educator and author, Dr. Shanker has written many influential books and articles including the top selling educational book, Calm, Alert and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation (Pearson 2012). His newest book, Self-Reg: How to help your child (and you) break the stress-cycle and successful engage with life. (Penguin 2016) has garnered glowing reviews around the world being published in Canada, the US, the UK, South Korea, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and The Netherlands, with further translations and foreign editions in the works.