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Sucheta Rawal

Travel Writer, Founder of Go Eat Give

Sucheta Rawal is the Founder and Executive Director of the international non-profit organization, Go Eat Give. She is an advocate for volunteer vacationing and community interaction as a way to dissolve stereotypes, bigotry and conflict. Through her organization, Go Eat Give, Sucheta strives to increases cultural awareness and global understanding through travel, food, and community service. Go Eat Give highlights and supports small grass root organizations such as orphanages, schools, and women’s empowerment centers throughout the world.
Sucheta is also an award-winning food and travel writer, published in many magazines, and named one of the five most influential bloggers on culture in the world by the Foundation of Florence in Italy. She serves on the board of Refugee Family Services, a non-profit that supports refugee women and children achieve self-sufficiency.
Sucheta grew up in northern India and resides in Atlanta, GA. Learn more at
How to Survive a Night in an Ice Getty

How to Survive a Night in an Ice Hotel

What on Earth drove me to sleep at a hotel made entirely of ice? I first heard about Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) while visiting Montreal, Canada for work. Sleeping at an ice hotel is not for the faint hearted. It is not a scary adventure either. It is cold, but marvellous experience that I will cherish forever.
12/08/2013 11:20 EST