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Sue Jacques

Sue Jacques ~ Professionalism Expert, Corporate Civility Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Author

Sue Jacques is a professionalism expert, corporate civility consultant, keynote speaker, and author. <br> <br> Sue helps business people gain confidence, earn respect, and prosper through professionalism. She has been creating courteous corporate cultures since 2000. <br> <br> A regular media resource, Sue has appeared on CTV, CBC, OWN, BNN, Global, and Oprah Radio. <br> <br> Before becoming a keynote speaker and professionalism consultant, Sue spent more than 18 years as a forensic death investigator at the medical examiner's office. During that time she was involved in the medical investigation of thousands of unexpected and violent deaths, learning about the true value of respect and the ultimate costs of incivility. <br> <br> Sue is the author of <em>What The Fork? An Unpretentious Guide to Formal Dining for Informal People</em> and is the "Courtesy Clinic" columnist for <em>Physicians Practice</em> magazine.
Corporate Conundrum: Who Pays for

Corporate Conundrum: Who Pays for Lunch?

Business meals can be awkward at the best of times, but things can get particularly uncomfortable when it's time to pay the bill. I was recently asked by an audience member if there's a foolproof way to determine whose responsibility it is to take care of paying for a business meal.
10/16/2013 06:49 EDT
Corporate Conundrum: What Should I Wear to

Corporate Conundrum: What Should I Wear to Work?

Ask ten people what business casual means and you're sure to get ten different answers. While some advisers will suggest that you always represent the dress code of the client, industry, or culture you are engaging with, my stance is different.
10/03/2013 04:37 EDT
Corporate Conundrum: To Text or not to

Corporate Conundrum: To Text or not to Text?

Welcome to Corporate Conundrums, a weekly column providing practical advice for readers who need help dealing with workplace challenges. From handling incivility and unprofessionalism to learning how to how to work with a jerk, no topic is off-limits.
09/26/2013 06:13 EDT
FLOODIQUETTE: 7 Civil Suggestions for Dealing with the

FLOODIQUETTE: 7 Civil Suggestions for Dealing with the Deluge

Alberta is about to mop up a massive mess. Mother Nature has shown us, in no uncertain terms, who the boss is. The ferocity of the floods we are facing is mind-boggling. Tens of thousands of people are displaced, countless homes and businesses are damaged, and an infinite number of dreams, plans, and schedules have been washed away. It is devastating.
06/26/2013 07:09 EDT
Has Politeness Become

Has Politeness Become Passé?

I remember meeting an executive at a corporate reception a couple of years ago who was bemoaning the fact that he's just too busy to deal with what he called "the niceties" of peer-to-peer communication. According to him, there just aren't enough hours in the day to swap insignificant comments of courtesy. When he said, "I wish people would just get to the point" it struck such a chord in me that I Tweeted about it, suggesting that maybe he's missing the point:
04/23/2013 04:29 EDT
Knowing How to Say

Knowing How to Say No

Like many of us, I used to be a Yes-person, agreeing to do things I knew were either out of my realm, a strain on my schedule, or of absolutely of no interest to me. All that changed after a recent experience that led to an epiphany about another way to say no.
01/30/2013 01:39 EST
Taking The Stress Out Of Work Christmas

Taking The Stress Out Of Work Christmas Parties

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with the whole concept of "Secret Santa" parties at work. We love getting good swag but hate having to come up with something fabulous to buy. Standing in a store during the busiest time of year and agonizing over our contribution can be distracting, to say the least.
12/15/2012 03:25 EST
The Art And Advantage Of The Right

The Art And Advantage Of The Right Handshake

Limp noodle. Dead fish. Bone crusher. These are just three terms that are commonly used to describe the less than stellar handshakes we've all received at some point in our career. Other labels include icky, nasty, wimpy and downright painful. Isn't it remarkable how a simple greeting can have such a huge impact on our impression of someone's level of professionalism? As judgmental as it may sound, in our business culture, the character of one's clasp can speak volumes about the presumed calibre of their credibility.
11/06/2012 07:33 EST
Grief At Work: How To Handle The Unexpected Death Of A

Grief At Work: How To Handle The Unexpected Death Of A Colleague

I was recently approached by a tearful young woman who quietly asked me for advice following my presentation at a corporate conference. Taking a deep breath and a long look around, she shared with me that she was notified the night before that one of her colleagues had died in a car accident.
10/11/2012 07:10 EDT
How to Become Accountable in 2 Easy

How to Become Accountable in 2 Easy Steps

As employees and business owners, we each have a duty to honour the commitments we make, whether that means being on time, completing tasks efficiently or fessing up when things don't go as planned. Every time we take responsibility for our actions we enhance our level of integrity, leading us to gain the reputation of being reliable while earning the respect of the people we work with and serve. This element of professionalism is dependent on one critical component: accountability.
09/27/2012 01:49 EDT
How to Relieve the Agony of

How to Relieve the Agony of Waiting

Follow-up fatigue is a malady that strikes professionals in every level of business. It goes something like this: You thoroughly impressed a prospective client by acing your proposal and pitch. They said they loved it, promised to be in touch, and then ... nothing. Here are six steps to help you alleviate the agony.
08/26/2012 11:27 EDT
It's Never Bring-Your-Dog-to-Work

It's Never Bring-Your-Dog-to-Work Day

Good old Alberta, the land of big trucks, big belt buckles and big deals. It's also the land of big dogs. But should they be welcome at work? Keep this in mind: you may get the short end of the stick if that doggy in the boardroom window piddles on your professionalism.
08/16/2012 07:40 EDT