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Sue McGarvie

Clinical sex and relationship therapist, syndicated talk show host

Sue cut her teeth in media starting in 1993, when she hosted a number one-rated radio call-in show for close to six years called Sunday Night With Sue with Standard Broadcasting on The Bear CKQB in Ottawa. She spent a further five years with Standard Broadcasting as the syndicated host of Love and Romance on Canada’s largest talk station CFRB Toronto, as well as CJAD -- Montreal and back on the EZ Rock Network in 2010.

Sue is an accomplished, professional clinical sex, relationship and marital therapist with over 20 years in clinical practice, Sue loved the immediacy of connecting with her audience directly through the medium of radio. Called "North America’s funniest therapist”, on Oxygen Television, Sue was voted Ottawa’s favorite radio show by the Ottawa Express Newspaper. She markets primarily to the adult contemporary market and her funny, irreverent, yet always appropriate talk that she delivers with enthusiasm and inclusiveness has always been a ratings winner. Sue has been described as “having a laser-like view that targets relationship problems, and troubleshoots them quickly, winning her legions of fans”. She has interviewed everyone from an Afghan cabinet Minister to Suzanne Somers.

Sue is the past national President, and Chair of the Board of UN Women (UNIFEM) Canada, the Women’s Development Arm of the United Nations, and as such was answerable to the United Nations, New York. Sue conceived and started “The UNIFEM Mothers Day Card Campaign”, which is now taking hold internationally, and which captured the attention of people such as Oprah Winfrey, and Bono.

She was a founding board member of The Shirley Greenberg Women’s Health Centre at the Ottawa Hospital, a Woman of Distinction Winner, and a Top 40 Under 40 nominee. She is a current board member of The Famous Five Foundation which recognizes women as nation builders. Sue has been involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in Ottawa, as well as community building activities such as Alternative education (Churchill School Association), and The United Church of Canada Amalgamation process. As a Clinical Sex and Relationship Therapist with degrees from Carleton, Laurentian, and Ryerson Universities, she has, without exaggeration spoken to 10,000 Canadians about their sex lives.

She is the founder of The Ottawa Therapy Clinic and has been a member of The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, The Canadian Urology Association, and The Federation of Medical Women, among others.

As a professional speaker and comic, Sue has spoken on issues of intimacy in business and media. Her much heralded talk called “Even Superwomen Get Stretch marks” has been throughout North America. She is the author of three books on relationships including the best seller The Libido Diet. She stays sane and grounded with the help of the world’s greatest partner, a chocolate addiction and two blue-eyed kids.
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