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Sue Nador

The Relationship Deal

Sue Nador is a Toronto writer and management consultant. She hashes out expectations in the messy world of love. Follow her on twitter: @Sue_Nador and her weekly blog: The Relationship Deal.
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How My Dad Faded Away After He Died

My dad died a decade ago -- in the sixth month of the year '06. It didn't feel like my dad was gone, his presence was so strong. My children probably felt this too. They say energy doesn't die, it transforms. My dad knew about energy, as his early vocation was as an electrical engineer.
06/15/2016 02:45 EDT
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How I Finally Made The Grade - 30 Years Later

I would be mortified if my husband ever discovered my university marks. I shudder to think how he would feel. Probably duped. He's attracted to brainy women, and it was a sleight of hand living with philosophers. I was only "academic" by association. The brainy aura of my roommates bathed me in a beautiful sharp light.
10/21/2015 04:11 EDT
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5 Ways to Make it to Thanksgiving in Your Empty Nest

If you're feeling a little weepy as you peer into deserted bedrooms (and maybe a touch annoyed that the little darlings forgot to make their beds before they left), I get it. It can be a tough transition, and it may take some time to adjust to your new reality of an empty nest.
09/09/2015 08:25 EDT
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There's a Difference Between Fantasy and Cheating on Ashley Madison

I'm a big believer in some personal autonomy. I don't feel I owe it to my husband to share every one of my deepest and darkest secrets. And I don't push him to tell me everything on his mind either. God no, I don't want to know everything on his mind. I'm a gal who enjoys a bit of mystery and his over-sharing would be a buzz kill. But there is a difference between "thought" and "action". It's fine to fantasize -- no harm is done.
08/19/2015 12:31 EDT
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How to Fight With Your Partner

I recently read a study that found that more than 40 percent of couples believe that fighting helps keep the lines of communication open. Tackling problems head on can be better for a relationship than bottling things up. But as experts point out, not all arguments are created equal.
07/17/2015 05:26 EDT
Janet Kopper

My Mother's Parting Gift to Me Was a Second Chance

My mom died a few days after Mother's Day last year. A week earlier, she gave me an unexpected gift. There are so many tragedies that happen every single day in hospitals, but my story has a happy ending. She gave me a second chance to find peace in my relationship with her.
05/07/2015 06:11 EDT

Should I Donate to a Child in Need, or Pay for My Loving Dog's Surgery?

My dog was carefully assessed, x-rayed, and operated on by the best veterinary surgeon, and then received excellent private follow-up care. All of this cost several thousands of dollars. I did not think twice about spending the money. But after reading a piece in the New York Times recently, John and I began to grapple with the ethics of directing so much money to an animal.
04/24/2015 12:58 EDT
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How to Fill in the Blanks on Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, why not leave the pre-fab cards on the rack and buy a blank one instead? You can customize your own declaration of love on an open canvas. The possibilities are endless, and it will take only marginally more effort to compose your own Valentine than to buy one ready-made. Here are some tips for your do-it-yourself Valentine.
02/11/2015 06:09 EST
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Three No-Nos For Your Holiday Business Party

I'm all for flirting and having fun at a business event. But there is a difference between playful flirting that builds rapport and predatory flirting that crosses the line of professional conduct. Let's all have some fun while keeping in mind that our professional reputations are as fragile as those beautiful ornaments on the Christmas tree.
12/07/2014 10:49 EST

Three Things New Dads Can Do to Get More Sex

Yup, the sad truth is that dads with young kids probably get less sex. But rather than fretting about this sad state of affairs, a far better strategy is to keep the small sparks of desire burning until the fireworks can begin again.
07/14/2014 12:22 EDT

Do You Know the Achilles Heel of Your Relationship?

I knew immediately what John was talking about. I am prone to self-absorption, lost in my own thoughts. I pretend to listen, but John is no fool -- it's obvious to him that the imaginary conversations inside my head are too often more important than the real conversations between us. No wonder he sometimes feels that he is not that important.
06/30/2014 01:09 EDT

An Ode to My Mother

My mom went into cardiac arrest last Friday, following several weeks in hospital with an acute infection. She died, and was resuscitated. In the ICU, with my mother unresponsive and motionless, I found an odd sanctuary in which to reflect on our unique mother-daughter relationship.
05/09/2014 12:14 EDT
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How We Brought Our Relationship Back to Life After Having Kids

It is easy not to notice when a relationship is fraying bit by bit. Our relationship seemed fine, and even better than fine. But spending those weekends together made us realize just how much we had missed each other. Our resurrection weekends kept the embers of our relationship burning. It was this yearly injection of passion that kept our love alive during those kid-centred years.
04/18/2014 11:54 EDT

Could Twitter Ruin Our Relationships?

Who would have thought something as innocuous as Twitter could be the very thing that brings our generation of lovers down? It's time to stand up to the dark forces of social media and leverage them to our relationship advantage.
04/13/2014 10:43 EDT