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Sunday Omony

Model, Author, TV Host & Humanitarian

Sunday Omony is a Plus Size Supermodel, Author, TV Host and a Humanitarian. Omony promotes positive body image and self confidence. She is the first Plus Size Model to speak for TED, 'It's Up to You to Define Yourself'. She received the Woman of Vision Award by Global News TV. Omony has been featured on VOGUE Italia, Entertainment Tonight, ELLE Magazine, MTV and more.
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The Words That Made Me Embrace My Body Image

I remember the day my agent told me to lose 2 inches off my hips and that my thighs were getting too big. She suggested that I try yoga to tone down. I was devastated. She didn't see how hard I was trying to be thin. I was dieting and hardly eating just to keep my stick-thin frame. It was then that I decided to give up on modeling because I was ruining my body.
01/18/2016 05:04 EST

Dear Salesgirl, Are You Discriminating Against Me Because I'm Plus-Sized Or Black?

As I walked into a clothing store, a sales representative greeted me within 30 seconds with a friendly smile. Once I tried on the clothes I came out of the change-room to get her opinion. I was excited about the interview because I was going to be discussing positive body image and my experiences as a plus-size model, and I wanted to look my best for the segment. I asked her if the blazer and blouse fit me well and if the colours looked good together. She rudely responded by saying: "I don't know, I don't dress people like you."
09/06/2013 05:34 EDT