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Sunny Freeman

National Business Reporter, The Huffington Post Canada

Sunny Freeman is The Huffington Post Canada's national business reporter covering economics and business stories that make a difference in Canadians' lives. Sunny was previously a business reporter at The Canadian Press and has also worked at media outlets including The Toronto Star and The Vancouver Sun. You can find her on twitter @SunnyFreeman.
Is Job Security A Thing Of The Getty

Is Job Security A Thing Of The Past?

Nearly half of working adults in the Greater Toronto Area are employed in precarious work, according to a new report by the United Way. And it’s not just people in low-wage jobs who face insecure empl...
05/21/2015 07:53 EDT
Woe Is Us, Too, Proclaim U.S. Getty

Woe Is Us, Too, Proclaim U.S. Millionaires

It turns out middle class families aren't the only ones feeling financial pressure these days — millionaires are worried they don't have enough money to feel secure. “Enough is not enough for many mil...
05/07/2015 12:10 EDT