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Supriya Dwivedi

Political Commentator, Policy Analyst & Recovering Law School Graduate

Supriya is fluently trilingual in English, French and Hindi, so that means she can give you her (unsolicited) opinion in all three languages. Being the good Indian girl that she is, Supriya graduated with a Bachelor of Science from McGill University, and upon completion she was accepted into both medical and law school.

Much to the chagrin of her parents, Supriya opted to pursue the legal route where she could finally use her argumentative powers for good. She completed her LL.B in civil law at the University of Montreal, and is currently a J.D. candidate for May of 2013.

She is a regular contributor to CJAD 800 and is the co-host and producer for " Delmar & Dwivedi". The show features Supriya and her co-host, Dan Delmar, a commentator for The National Post, taking a critical look at the week's hot topics and politics, whilst being funny and un-boring, setting them apart from every other talk show currently covering Canadian politics. It airs Sundays at 1pm on CJAD 800.

Supriya also works as a Research Assistant and Policy Analyst for the Centre of Genomics and Policy, where her work involves liability issues involved in direct-to-consumer genetic profiling, e-consent, the commercialization of stem cells, and the consequent challenges to the Canadian regulatory framework. But her parents still tell their friends she’s in her 4th year of medical school.

She blogs on politics, religion, legal issues, women's rights, and lives in Montreal with her dog, Cody.
Between the Generations: Does Feminism Need a

Between the Generations: Does Feminism Need a Makeover?

If we look at feminism as a brand, I'd have to say it has neither widespread loyalty nor appeal -- at least not across the genders.All you need to do is look at the reaction to events of late. It would seem if people better understood feminism and actually embraced its ideals, we wouldn't be dealing with such backlash.
11/07/2013 05:24 EST
Between the Generations:

Between the Generations: Slut-Shaming

During one of our many engaging conversations, it occurred to both Elissa and I that regardless of the years between us, there are many things that we both happen to find worthy of drawing our communal ire. This week, we delve into the culture of slut-shaming.
10/28/2013 12:33 EDT
Marois Governs With Hysterics, Not

Marois Governs With Hysterics, Not History

Canada's constitution makes no mention of a secular state, and, in fact, its preamble expressly makes reference to the supremacy of God. In other words, because Quebec is -- for better or for worse -- a part of the Canadian confederation, it cannot legally force its citizens to submit to secularism. The crucifix only became a part of the National Assembly in 1936 under Maurice Duplessis, hardly making the cross an entrenched part of Québécois heritage. Like the constituents she hopes to energize with her bigoted legislation, Ms. Marois seems to be struggling with basic high-school curriculum. But who needs history when you can govern with hysterics?
09/10/2013 12:09 EDT
Rape Culture? What Rape

Rape Culture? What Rape Culture?

Sexualized violence against women is one of the world's most common human rights offenses, and yet from New Delhi to Nova Scotia there is an alarming sentiment that persists: good girls do not get raped. Consequently, the flawed logic train seems to stop at the conclusion that if one is the victim of sexual assault, it is probably because the victim brought it on.
09/06/2013 12:42 EDT
Blackface Breakdown: Welcome To Race Relations In

Blackface Breakdown: Welcome To Race Relations In Quebec

Earlier this month Huffington Post blogger, Nydia Dauphin, wrote a post entitled, "Why The Hell Are Quebec Comedians Wearing Blackface?" She was referring to Mario Jean's "impersonation" of Boucar Diouf at the Gala des Oliviers, in which Jean used black makeup to portray Diouf. This would have been an opportune time to have a constructive dialogue concerning race relations in Quebec. Quite predictably, however, the discussion has resorted to accusations of overzealous political correctness on one side to indictments of overt racism on the other, which is simply indicative of the sad state of the discourse surrounding ethno-race relations in Quebec.
05/29/2013 12:37 EDT
Is International Women's Day an International

Is International Women's Day an International Joke?

Today is International Women's Day, and although you might notice the requisite "Let's Empower Women and Girls" op-ed on your social media news feeds, the truth is that this day is more or less a farce. It's a day where society can say they have talked about "women's" issues for a day in order to make themselves feel like they have contributed to the betterment of humanity. Note the use of quotations. That's because I'm systematically flabbergasted as to how certain facts are perceived to be solely a women's rights issue and not a human rights issue. If any other race, religious organization, or linguistic group were treated in the same manner as women are worldwide the entire planet would be up in arms.
03/08/2013 06:03 EST
Will Montreal Students Live Happily Ever

Will Montreal Students Live Happily Ever After?

After the second protest in the last two weeks following a provincial summit on higher education, everything about Montreal's current spring weather seemed to have year-old Maple Spring undertones to it, including violence, arrests and injuries. The plight of student debt, post graduation underemployment, and rising housing costs are all unarguably quite legitimate burdens faced by my generation. Will free tuition as demanded by the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ) and its followers solve these zeitgeist conundrums? Unlikely.
03/06/2013 05:44 EST
Morgentaler 25 Years Later: We've Come a Long Way

Morgentaler 25 Years Later: We've Come a Long Way Baby

The anti-choice camp has derided the Morgentaler judgment as imposing a feckless, and ultimately lawless, regime governing abortion. I would propose, however, that they look at the Morgentaler decision through a legal lens. In taking out the emotional and religious rhetoric that is so often associated with abortion, the decision can be seen for what it really is: guaranteeing a woman's right to equality in this country. I shall forever be perplexed as to why some people are unable to see that as anything but positive.
01/28/2013 05:09 EST
Why Hillary Clinton Can't Talk Like a

Why Hillary Clinton Can't Talk Like a Man

I'm not sure why I'm still surprised when the media quite predictably portrays women in a different light than they do men. After yesterday's testimony on Benghazi the <em>New York Post</em> decided it should run a cover with a picture of Hillary and the headline "No Wonder Bill's Afraid." This cover would never run with a man in the place of Mrs. Clinton, and therein lays the fatal flaw of our society.
01/24/2013 05:33 EST
Protesting Gang Rape Won't Change Indian

Protesting Gang Rape Won't Change Indian Misogyny

India has a culture of entrenched misogyny, which has led to an endemic of violence against women, thereby exacerbating the omnipresent rape culture that already permeates most societies. Violence against women is not only something that is tolerated, but seems to be justified by the majority of Indian society, including teens. So while I am grateful that the gang rape incident has forced women and men out onto the streets in protest, I am pragmatic enough to know that until Indians undergo some sort of socio-cultural metamorphosis, our daughters won't be safe from our sons.
01/04/2013 12:13 EST
Generation Y: Politically Engaged and

Generation Y: Politically Engaged and Enraged

<a href="" target="_hplink"><img alt="2012-11-19-slavkoaskingybanner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="70" /></a> The right-of-centre movement risks losing this entire generation of voters if it does not compromise on social issues that my cohort considers basic human rights. Millennials are a politically engaged generation. We know what is important to us, and what isn't. Perhaps it's about time politicians listened.
12/05/2012 07:32 EST
Trudeau's Love of Guns and Lattés Gives Him an

Trudeau's Love of Guns and Lattés Gives Him an Edge

After spending his years in Parliament defending the long-gun registry, and voting to keep the registry, Justin Trudeau decided he would call the long-gun registry a failure. With the Liberals in desperate need of resuscitation, appealing to rural voters in this manner does not exactly lend credence to the theory that the man is all hair and no brain. A dynamic, young politician who likes his guns as much as he likes his lattés? Perhaps the Conservatives should be worried.
12/03/2012 12:13 EST
Why This Feminist Atheist Still Celebrates

Why This Feminist Atheist Still Celebrates Diwali

I began to question religion at a very young age. I suppose my early interest in science and constant observations of the mistreatment of women in Hinduism and Indian culture played a large role. Thankfully, I was raised by an intelligent, progressive woman who welcomed and encouraged my critical thought. Even as I started to question religion in general and mine in particular, I continued to celebrate Diwali. It seems to be the one day of the year where the whole country puts aside its trivial differences, lights up, and celebrates together as one. That's a holiday that even the most crotchety atheists, this one included, can celebrate.
11/13/2012 12:07 EST
How the President Won the Vagina

How the President Won the Vagina Vote

<img alt="2012-11-05-electionbannerreal.jpg" src="" width="300" height="70" /> This past election cycle was simultaneously sobering and scary. As access to birth control took centre stage and the terms "trans-vaginal ultrasound," "legitimate rape," "forcible rape," unfortunately entered into the political lexicon, it is patently clear why the President won the vagina vote.
11/07/2012 12:16 EST
Are You There, God? It's Me -- Climate

Are You There, God? It's Me -- Climate Change

Why do we have such a problem with admitting to ourselves that climate change is real and it's here? I would argue that religion, specifically the rise of a rather dangerous breed of dogmatic Christianity, is to blame. After all, you can take your pick from an onslaught of GOP members who have either questioned evolution, biology, or climate change and have all cited their belief in God as justification.
11/01/2012 05:12 EDT
Is the Harper Government More Romney Than

Is the Harper Government More Romney Than Obama?

Obama has somehow managed to come across as a socialist during this election -- a man who believes in subsidizing insurance companies, who is consistently violating international and domestic law by killing people via drones, and only recently came to the epiphany that all people should be free to choose the person they marry. More alarmingly, however, is the ease in which the Conservative base in Canada has managed to sympathize with Romney. This of course brings a very important debate to the forefront: is the Harper government much further to the right than they would like to let on? After all, it seems rather odd that Canadian Conservatives could find anything in common with the current Republican Party of today.
10/23/2012 08:09 EDT
Will the Law Listen to Amanda Todd's

Will the Law Listen to Amanda Todd's Story?

The anxiety and depression that resulted from cyber-bullying were too much for Amanda Todd, resulting in her suicide. And yet a large faction of the public, is reticent to the notion of legislating on this issue. In an interview Christy Clark made it clear that her preferred avenue to combat bullying is through education and not legislation. I am unable to comprehend why education and legislation have to be mutually exclusive, but perhaps when the next teen commits suicide, I can have Christy explain it to me. We have attempted to educate children on the detrimental effects of bullying, and yet, they do not seem to be learning. Perhaps it is time we change the lesson plan.
10/12/2012 05:17 EDT
Motion 312: If You're An Old White Guy, I Don't Want to Hear

Motion 312: If You're An Old White Guy, I Don't Want to Hear IIt

Here's an age old riddle for you: how many old white guys does it take to editorialize on a subject that has to do solely with a woman's most intimate choice in life? Well, if you're the <em>National Post</em>, then four. The outrage radiating from the old white men commentariat ranges from "well, why can't we have this debate?" to "fetuses are people too, and they have rights just like you and me."
09/28/2012 12:01 EDT
My College Sweetheart, Facebook, Has Broken my

My College Sweetheart, Facebook, Has Broken my Trust

Today my usual Facebook eye-roll was substituted for gut-wrenching panic as I read status updates linking news reports that my private messages from 2009 and earlier might have been posted to my public timeline. I joined Facebook in my first year of undergrad at McGill University. It was an innovative tool; it was a new and fun way to keep in touch with friends who were away for university. Now, however, Facebook has morphed into a site nearly unrecognizable from the website that helped me find much needed Molecular Biology notes.
09/24/2012 05:08 EDT
Even Before the Shots, This Election Was Rooted in

Even Before the Shots, This Election Was Rooted in Hate

As the Parti Québécois gathered for their victory party Wednesday morning, shots were fired from an AK 47 where two people were shot; one man died on the scene. Pauline Marois was quickly ushered off the stage, and authorities swiftly apprehended the shooter. People are quick to place blame in instances like this. We are all to blame. When the political discourse in this province reduces itself to a claptrap mélange of xenophobic remarks and intransigent reactions, the outcome is never good.
09/05/2012 07:48 EDT