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Supriya Dwivedi

Political Commentator, Policy Analyst & Recovering Law School Graduate

Supriya is fluently trilingual in English, French and Hindi, so that means she can give you her (unsolicited) opinion in all three languages. Being the good Indian girl that she is, Supriya graduated with a Bachelor of Science from McGill University, and upon completion she was accepted into both medical and law school.

Much to the chagrin of her parents, Supriya opted to pursue the legal route where she could finally use her argumentative powers for good. She completed her LL.B in civil law at the University of Montreal, and is currently a J.D. candidate for May of 2013.

She is a regular contributor to CJAD 800 and is the co-host and producer for " Delmar & Dwivedi". The show features Supriya and her co-host, Dan Delmar, a commentator for The National Post, taking a critical look at the week's hot topics and politics, whilst being funny and un-boring, setting them apart from every other talk show currently covering Canadian politics. It airs Sundays at 1pm on CJAD 800.

Supriya also works as a Research Assistant and Policy Analyst for the Centre of Genomics and Policy, where her work involves liability issues involved in direct-to-consumer genetic profiling, e-consent, the commercialization of stem cells, and the consequent challenges to the Canadian regulatory framework. But her parents still tell their friends she’s in her 4th year of medical school.

She blogs on politics, religion, legal issues, women's rights, and lives in Montreal with her dog, Cody.
Valley Park Middle School or Valley Park Muslim

Valley Park Middle School or Valley Park Muslim School?

Toronto's Valley Park Middle School is allowing certain students a get out of jail -- I mean school -- free card, under the guise of the protection of religious freedoms. However, in a pluralistic society, such as Canada, no religion has a place in a secular school during class time, plain and simple.
07/25/2011 10:31 EDT
Bollywood Trumps Sex Trafficking in Canadian News

Bollywood Trumps Sex Trafficking in Canadian News Coverage

It makes sense that the Canadian media would cover the IIFA with such fervour. After all, Indians are a proud people who love their culture and Bollywood is an integral part of it. And yet, India has a darker side to its cultural traditions that nobody desires to address.
07/08/2011 07:44 EDT
Quebec's Hijab Controversy: Bend it like

Quebec's Hijab Controversy: Bend it like Benkiran

Banning the hijab from soccer has nothing to do with multiculturalism, or reasonable accommodation. It is about people hiding behind the guise of rules in order to effectively discriminate against Muslim women.
06/24/2011 10:38 EDT
Vancouver 17 Years Later: Still

Vancouver 17 Years Later: Still Rioting

Vancouver's mayor stated that the city had "matured" since the 1994 riot, and it truly seemed like it had. Nevertheless, why didn't Vancouver have the riot police deployed in anticipation?
06/17/2011 11:25 EDT
DePape Temper Tantrum: A Swing and a

DePape Temper Tantrum: A Swing and a Miss

Saying that Canadians need an Arab Spring to counter Harper undermines the travesty of living in a undemocratic country. I don't think Ms. DePape realizes just how lucky she is to live in a nation where she has the right to voice political dissent.
06/10/2011 09:20 EDT