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Surjit Singh Flora

Journalist, Photographer, Poet, and writer

Surjit Singh Flora ,veteran journalist and freelance writer. Popular media commentator on current affairs.

Canada's Spirit Of Tolerance Is Why I Chose To Call It Home

I chose Canada because of the wonderful and helpful Canadians I had met along my life's journey so far. They were extremely nice, kind and tolerant of my language difficulties when first coming from India in 1989 and helped me learn to speak and read English very quickly.
06/14/2017 02:52 EDT

I Love My Mom

On May 14 we all celebrate Mother's Day. Take her out for dinner, giving her roses, gifts, show her how much we care and love her. When people come into the world, only the bonds of attachment and a...
05/12/2017 04:55 EDT
Chris Wattie / Reuters

Sajjan's Fall From Grace Is Hard For Canadian Sikhs Like Me

As a Sikh myself, I admit to reacting to Sajjan's appointment as defence minister with some pride. He was considered a decorated, brave warrior and a role model. As a government minister he came across as a member of cabinet the prime minister could rely on to do their job and get results. This makes his graceless fall all the more disappointing.
05/04/2017 10:20 EDT
Rick Madonik via Getty Images

We Need To Talk About The Mayor Of Brampton

Religious accommodation has been a fixture of life in Canada for years. Sikhs have worn Kirpans, Muslim women the Hijab, and for the most part Canadians have accepted diversity and gotten on with their lives. While we must all defend the rights of our fellow citizens regardless of race, creed or colour, I believe politicians like our own Mayor need to remember their own public record before they wade in on any issue.
03/29/2017 04:00 EDT

Is Kevin O'Leary Ready For His 'Close-Up'?

While it may be tempting to draw parallels between his entry into the race and the path to the White House travelled by Mr. Trump, I suspect at some point soon Kevin O'Leary will realize that he is not Donald Trump, and this is not the United States
03/28/2017 07:59 EDT
Christinne Muschi / Reuters

Refugees Crossing Over From The U.S. Are Breaking The Law

Canada has a compassionate, principled approach to both immigration and refugees. Our government's inability to control this developing situation may ultimately do harm to our current refugee system, ultimately causing Canadians to have a lack of faith in the system, and ultimately in the government that is charged with managing it.
03/21/2017 11:05 EDT

Canada Needs Substance, Not Symbolism In Response To Hate

While I feel debating Motion 103 is a well-meaning act in the face of unspeakable violence and tragedy, racism affects a broad spectrum of people and it is short-sighted of our government to single out Islamophobia in their motion.
03/10/2017 05:43 EST