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Susan Khazaeli

PhD Candidate, University Instructor, Former Fellow.

Susan Khazaeli is a PhD Candidate at the University of Ottawa and a former fellow at the Near East and South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies in Washington, DC.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism Asks Iranian-Canadians "Why Are You Here?"

Mr. Leung asked a member of the audience, "If you like Iran so much then why do you come to Canada?" He then demanded to know: "Why are you here?" Some audience members were so offended by his comments and his dismissive attitude -- which one attendee characterized as "arrogant" -- that they decided to leave the event. Mr. Leung is also the Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism. It kind of sounds like a bad joke, doesn't it?
02/06/2015 12:33 EST