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Susan Ponting

Writer and Communications Specialist

Susan Ponting is a Toronto-based writer, public relations, publicity, and communications specialist.
Paul James Band - 48 Years Of The Blissful

Paul James Band - 48 Years Of The Blissful Blues

Canada's blues crusader Paul James is a national treasure, and were it not for the shifting, sliding, finicky tides of the music business -- he'd be known around the world -- after all, he's toured in bands throughout the world, and Bob Dylan once told him if he moved to L.A., he'd make the big time.
01/19/2016 02:29 EST
The Latest in Mammogram

The Latest in Mammogram Technology

On the day of my own yearly mammogram, a grumpy technician walks into the cold, dark room and begins, ever so nonchalantly, to wrestle one of my poor boobs into submission and I wince. Yet in spite of the wild indignation that having my breasts squished conjures up in me, I thank God for these technicians and radiologists because without them, we'd all be a lot worse off.
09/26/2012 07:37 EDT
From a Toronto Mattress Shop to

From a Toronto Mattress Shop to Off-Broadway

The story unfolds along Queen Street East. Sitting in a café with her friend, Brigitte, they wondered how she would mount her play. Suddenly, as Wightman was peering out the window, she got an idea. They headed across the street. She walked into the Essentia Mattress store and told the manager, Paul Branch her story. Branch said, "You can have the play here!"
08/15/2012 06:39 EDT