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Susan Wright

Lawyer, writer and political activist.

Susan Wright is a lawyer with over 26 years of experience in oil, natural gas, petrochemicals and pipelines. She's worked in Canada and the US. She believes that engaged citizens can change the world. She writes a political blog called Susan on the Soapbox. The Soapbox received the 2013 Clawbie award for the best legal blog for a non-legal audience.
Calgary Police Service Faces Allegations Of Harassment And Jack Cusano / Reuters

Calgary Police Service Faces Allegations Of Harassment And Intimidation

If you've ever wondered why women are reluctant to bring forward allegations of sexual harassment, look no further than the furor unleashed when 15 female police officers contacted city councillor and police commissioner Diane Colley-Urquhart to discuss sexual harassment and the culture of intimidation and retaliation they'd experienced at the Calgary Police Service.
11/02/2016 06:09 EDT
Jim Prentice's Budget: The Not-So-Subtle Language of dave.cournoyer/Flickr

Jim Prentice's Budget: The Not-So-Subtle Language of Money

May I suggest that until our government perfects the "field-of-dreams-build-it-and-they-will-come" model of providing education and healthcare, we'll be better off with fewer understaffed schools and hospitals--unless of course the government has figured out how to educate children in teacherless schools and cure the sick in nurseless hospitals.
04/06/2015 02:39 EDT
What You'll Have to Do to Stay Under the Radar if Bill C-51 Becomes Alamy

What You'll Have to Do to Stay Under the Radar if Bill C-51 Becomes Law

Bill C-51 is an omnibus anti-terrorism bill that grants CSIS new information sharing powers and converts CSIS from a covert intelligence gathering organization to a covert enforcement agency. Ms. Soapbox is here to offer four simple suggestions to keep you out of trouble when Stephen Harper's majority government finally passes this monstrous piece of legislation.
03/22/2015 11:57 EDT
Jim Prentice: Premier or Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press

Jim Prentice: Premier or CEO?

If Mr. Prentice doesn't trust his hand-picked Health Minister to manage his $18 billion budget with all of the assistance available to him from his colleagues in Cabinet, his deputy ministers, associate deputy ministers, staff, and countless high-priced consultants then he doesn't deserve the job and should be sacked.
02/18/2015 07:05 EST
Alberta: Government by Trial lmd/The Canadian Press

Alberta: Government by Trial Balloon

Politicians lacking vision (like Mr. Prentice) launch trial balloons left, right and centre in the hope that somewhere along the line they'll get it right. This demonstrates a lack of conviction in the party's platform or a lack of confidence in the government's ability to explain difficult issues to the electorate.
01/29/2015 02:02 EST
The Opposition Has The Worst Job In Alberta CP

The Opposition Has The Worst Job In Alberta Politics

Danielle Smith, as the leader of the Opposition, has the privilege of being the leader of the government-in-waiting without having access to the levers of power that she needs to make things happen. It's her job to point out the idiocy of the government's legislation, its policies and, all too frequently, its misconduct.
11/25/2014 03:10 EST
The Tory Airplane Scandal -- Excuses, Getty Images

The Tory Airplane Scandal -- Excuses, Excuses

Notice, they're both apologizing for not knowing that the plane was on non-government business. This is bizarre. The plane doesn't flip from government to non-government business; it's ALWAYS on government business. The one thing both Ms. DK-G and Mr .Hughes knew was that they were not flying on government business.
08/12/2014 01:36 EDT
Bread, Circuses and the Great Alberta Licence Plate Alberta Government

Bread, Circuses and the Great Alberta Licence Plate Debate

Mr Hancock's attempt at "bread and circuses" backfired because it showed us how petty the PC party really is. However even a backfire is successful if it draws the public's attention away from the critical issues facing the province--mounting debt, no long term energy strategy, inadequate healthcare, education, infrastructure--all of which are the direct result of years of inept PC government.
08/01/2014 11:22 EDT