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Susanne Courtney

Executive Director, Action Against Hunger Canada (ACF)

Susanne Courtney is the Executive Director of Action Against Hunger / Action Contre la Faim Canada (ACF). ACF is an international humanitarian organization that fights hunger and its root causes worldwide. Susanne is a bilingual senior executive with 20+ years experience as an international public affairs consultant, marketing and public relations entrepreneur, and diplomat. Since joining ACF in 2012, Susanne has led the relocation of the Canadian headquarters to Toronto while recruiting and nurturing a new national team, and actively building support in Canada for ACF’s global efforts in sustainable solutions to malnutrition and emergency relief. Action Against Hunger Canada is one of five ACF headquarters overseeing operations in over 45 countries. Canadians wishing to donate to ACF emergency relief efforts in the Philippines can do so at:
Would You Pay $45 To Turn a Starving Child

Would You Pay $45 To Turn a Starving Child Healthy?

It's common knowledge that millions of children in the world still suffer from hunger. But did you know that with proper treatment, between 90 - 95 per cent of children can regain full health? And that full treatment can take just 45 days, and cost a mere $45?
03/02/2014 01:24 EST

Why "End Hunger" Deserves a Place on Your New Year To-Do List

Chances are, food will remain on your mind in the early weeks of the new year as you make choices to start off right. And that's a good thing. In 2014, Canadians have the power to change the landscape of hunger. Here are three reasons why helping end hunger should be on your 2014 to-do list.
01/09/2014 12:15 EST
Canadian-Style Collaboration is Key in Philippines

Canadian-Style Collaboration is Key in Philippines Relief

Here in Canada, we are a long way from the Philippines but we're part of the recovery, too. Donations from Canadians and others around the world allow us to rapidly deploy teams with relief supplies in the earliest days, and continue with recovery efforts over months and even years.
12/13/2013 05:40 EST