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Susanne DiCocco

Consultant, politico, businesswoman, policy wonk

Susanne DiCocco leads a consulting practice in Calgary and has 18 years’ experience in the public sector and the energy industry. She has worked with over a dozen federal government departments, several provincial governments, and with oil and gas companies to reduce costs and improve services. She is passionate about public service and has dedicated the majority of her career to improving the public sector. Her consulting experience has given her extensive knowledge of how the federal public sector works, how tax dollars are spent, and how finances are managed.She has worked with several energy companies to reduce costs, improve governance, safety and reliability operations. She understands the industry at the heart of the Canadian economy. She is both passionate and knowledgeable on public policy, financial management, governance, and accountability. As a former nomination contestant and campaign

Susanne holds her Master in Public Administration from Queen’s University and an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario.