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Suzanne Wexler

Culture and trend writer, humor essayist, book in progress

Suzanne Wexler is a lifestyle journalist, trend reporter, essayist, and humor writer from Montreal. She has a high-kicking joie de vivre and pronounced contrarian streak. Her work has appeared extensively in The Montreal Gazette, and featured in The National Post, and feminist fab sites and, along with various newspapers and magazines. She has an M.A. in Liberal Studies from The New School in New York.
Aside from writing, she loves dining with her husband, cuddling her kiddies, watching Broad City, planning parties, reading news off the tiny font on her iPhone, and thinking really hard about exercising.

Andrew Potter's Resignation A Sad Day For Free Speech In Canada

A few days ago, the (usually) brilliant writer Andrew Potter resigned as the director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada amid scrutiny over an ill-received March 20 article in Maclean's. As such, many in the journalistic community are left horrified about the state of free speech in Canada - as they ought to be.
03/27/2017 04:03 EDT
Bogdan Kosanovic via Getty Images

I Tried To Reject Kim Kardashian-style Maternity Fashion (And Failed)

And then it hit me: Maybe maternity fashion wasn't the devil incarnate after all; maybe there was something glorious about all these proud mommies grooming themselves and their young to be -- and trying to attract their mates, despite having already mated. And if this amounted to celebs flaunting bandage dresses and crop tops with their blossoming midriffs, so be it. All this excess could be evidence of a good thing. The best thing.
03/23/2016 12:30 EDT