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Sylvia Forrest is the author of <em>A View from My Window: Real Stories for Real Women</em>. Forrest holds a BA in Philosophy from Wesleyan University and a MBA from Emory University. She proclaims, however, that she received her best education from her grandmothers.
When Giving a Gift Feels Better Than Getting

When Giving a Gift Feels Better Than Getting One

I hope my children are learning to enjoy giving as much as I do. When they get the package, they'll wonder, <em>What is this? Why am I getting a package? Who sent it?</em> I want other people to feel the way I felt.
06/18/2014 12:13 EDT
Camp Is Like School...For

Camp Is Like School...For Life!

Summer is a time for play, and kids know it. The pressure is off, and it's time to relax! Homework and tests are replaced with bike-riding and swimming. If you're lucky, you even get to go to camp. What the kids don't realize is, there's as much to learn at camp as at school, and those lessons can't be taught with books. What they're learning is how to deal with life.
06/17/2014 08:23 EDT
Give a Busy Mom a Break, And Be A Kid

Give a Busy Mom a Break, And Be A Kid Again

Summer is finally here: Sunday barbecues, family vacations, and half-day Fridays. Everyone loves summer, right? Except every once in a while, you'll run into moms who dread summer -- at least a little. Give a busy and tired mom a break like I did. You'll be surprised at how much fun it can be!
06/16/2014 05:58 EDT
I'll Never Be a Facebook Hottie...And I'm OK With

I'll Never Be a Facebook Hottie...And I'm OK With That!

My wish for those who truly desire a six-pack is that they achieve it. My wish for those who can never achieve it is that they stop caring. Certainly there are other worthwhile goals out there, and other paths to happiness and fulfilment.
10/24/2013 08:25 EDT

When "Living the Dream" Becomes a Nightmare

I'd gathered from our five-minute conversation that Cary barely kept up with the Joneses, supporting his wife and young son with income from occasional film-editing jobs. I tasted the bitterness that coated his words, felt the chill of his failure seep into my bones. He had moved his family to Los Angeles in order to make it big in the movie biz. Around him, he saw people climbing the ladder of success, but he could not budge.
10/07/2013 05:31 EDT
Parents Can Make

Parents Can Make "Sick Days" into Special Days

It's already begun! School has started, so kids are getting sick. We might as well face the inevitable: at some point or other, a virus will strike at the least convenient moment. The question is, how will we handle it? Here are some suggestions for opportunities to bond with your little ones on the days you are 'stuck' at home.
09/27/2013 08:11 EDT
How to Be the Best House

How to Be the Best House Guest

Benjamin Franklin said that guests and fish start to smell after three days. I've read many articles about being a good house guest. The basics traditionally include bringing a gift or taking the host family out to dinner. However, if you want to be a <em>great </em>house guest, you need to set the bar a little higher.
08/29/2013 12:30 EDT
For Once, Let's Celebrate

For Once, Let's Celebrate ADD

ADD is constantly in the news, and the news is never good. Some of these issues are very real and very serious. However, I will not address any of them today. Instead, I would like to take this small opportunity to celebrate the very things that drive some people crazy. Let's shout a big "hurray" for the following:
08/24/2013 11:22 EDT
My Marriage Is Like a Refrigerator

My Marriage Is Like a Refrigerator Delivery

It struck me that our marriage has functioned a lot like the arrival of the new fridge. Like the delivery men, David and I have managed heavy burdens by sharing the load, reaching out towards each other, and moving carefully in the same direction. A cracked fridge doesn't even hit the radar.
08/15/2013 12:27 EDT
I Don't Feel Guilty For Staying at

I Don't Feel Guilty For Staying at Home

Well-meaning cashiers at the grocery store ask, "so, you have the day off of work today?" as they check out my purchases. I feel temporarily guilty that my husband makes enough money to give me this "leisure time." Just because some women work in stores or offices all day, and then cram in housework between the hours of 7-10 p.m., should I be doing that, too?
07/23/2013 12:23 EDT
Even as Adults, We Should Still 'Sing Like No One's

Even as Adults, We Should Still 'Sing Like No One's Listening'

This somewhat over-used suggestion about "singing like no one is listening" and "dancing like no one is watching" is simply a poetic way to say, "seize the day," and there are many ways to do that. Want to know a secret? Sometimes I do burst into song. Are you ready to give it a try?
07/06/2013 02:13 EDT
Sometimes It's Easier To Give Than To

Sometimes It's Easier To Give Than To Receive

"Tell me something happy," my friend requested today after an hour of divorce-talk. "I don't want to be the friend who just calls to cry. I don't want to use you as a crutch." "I'll be glad to tell you happy things," I replied, "but don't think it's not okay to call and cry. I am honoured that you choose me to call when you need advice."
06/16/2013 09:56 EDT
Father's Day: Five Things Playing Softball Taught

Father's Day: Five Things Playing Softball Taught Me

When I turned 16, the allure of the mall enticed me forever from the playing fields. Dad and I found other ways to connect, and to this day we remain close. But oddly enough, some of the lessons of softball remain the most significant in my life. Here are a few of them.
06/07/2013 12:13 EDT
Can Just Listening Change A Friend's

Can Just Listening Change A Friend's Life?

She'd never told me, but Tom not only drinks too much, he also berates Mary when she needs support, avoids her when she needs love, and stifles her when she needs to express herself. Over time she learned to cower and hide, until her voice became as faint and tentative as the yip of a puppy locked too long in the cellar.
05/30/2013 05:36 EDT
Be the Mother You Wish You'd

Be the Mother You Wish You'd Had

No pain could have cut deeper than when my son told me he didn't know how it felt to be happy, when I was doing everything in my power to give him the best life I could. You just can't prepare for that. My job was to love him desperately, and never to give up hope. I did the best I could.
04/30/2013 08:23 EDT