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Tad Milmine

Police Officer, Anti-Bullying Advocate

Const. Tad Milmine is a Police officer in Surrey, B.C. who is also gay. He grew up in a broken home with addiction in Cambridge, Ont. On top of a poor home life, he was bullied at school for many years. He eventually ran away from home and travelled in Europe, which he calls the "university of life."

Milmine created Bullying Ends Here, a website and public speaking tour aimed at high school students and has been featured on Canada AM.
The Politics of

The Politics of Bullying

The last couple months have taught me a lot about youth, bullying and the politics of it all. As I tell the youth, I am "just a guy named Tad" and I am not an expert or professional on this topic at all. Having reflected on this recently, I believe it is safe to say that I do know a lot about bullying however, directly from the source ... the youth.
12/05/2013 01:49 EST
Bullying Ends Here: How You Can Getty Images

Bullying Ends Here: How You Can Help

Well another school year has just started and "Bullying Ends Here" is in high demand across North America. I am on a mission to continue telling the world about a boy named Jamie Hubley and hope that his story, along with my own, will show youth that they have support and have someone that they can communicate with through email at any time. I have received over 5000 emails in 6 months and I respond to each and every one of them. That is my commitment to youth. I will help any way that I can.
09/24/2013 08:59 EDT
What It Costs to Prevent Shutterstock

What It Costs to Prevent Bullying

I began my anti-bullying initiative in mind in late-2012 for one reason: to tell the world about a boy named Jamie Hubley and how bullying-related deaths like his are preventable. I have spoken in four provinces to date and am now confirmed to speak in six more this coming school year. I have been asked to present to over 500 schools across the Canada and the United States and now turn to you for help.
07/30/2013 06:39 EDT
A Teen's Suicide Sparked My Will to Fight Bullying from the AP

A Teen's Suicide Sparked My Will to Fight Bullying from the Heart

In 2011, I was introduced to an amazing young man named Jamie Hubley after reading a headline about his death, "Ottawa teen takes his own life because of severe bullying." When I was done reading, I was frozen in my bed and thought about the connections between my story and Jamie's. I decided to create my own project called "Bullying Ends Here." I had no clue how big this initiative would become.
05/01/2013 12:19 EDT
I Was Bullied, Suicidal Then Found My Voice As An RCMP shutterstock

I Was Bullied, Suicidal Then Found My Voice As An RCMP Officer

I was paralyzed in my bed. I remembered my dream to be a police officer because I wanted to help people and here was this young man, who wanted nothing more than to be accepted for who he was, taking his own life. I decided that I was going to be more than someone reading headlines, hoping the world became a better place. I decided to go out there and make a difference myself.
02/28/2013 01:43 EST