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Taj Hall

Support Worker, The Mustard Seed

Taj Hall is a support worker at The Mustard Seed, an organization that delivers basic services, housing and employment to those experiencing poverty and homelessness in Calgary and Edmonton. Taj is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a focus in Addiction Studies, and hopes to work as an Addictions Counsellor after graduation.
What Being Homeless for a Week Taught

What Being Homeless for a Week Taught Me

The hardest part of that week was trying to maintain some semblance of normality in every other aspect of my life. I tell this story for one reason: to highlight the incredible resilience of those living on the streets. I was fortunate. My experience was fleeting, and yet, that brief stint of not having a place to call home impacted me greatly.
12/09/2012 12:10 EST
When You Ask

When You Ask "How's it Going?" Are You Prepared to Hear the Answer?

Until I started working at The Mustard Seed, an organization working with individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty, I asked and was asked "how are you?" a lot. The reply I got was almost always the same: "I'm good, thanks, and you?" But one girl changed my mind, and taught me to listen. As important as I've realized this practice is in everyday relationships, it is even more important when working with vulnerable populations.
09/03/2012 08:55 EDT