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Tamara Griffiths

Mountain Writer

After completing a master’s degree in Sustainable Mountain Development at University of Highlands and Islands Scotland, Griffiths became a ‘mountain writer’ writing for The Huffington Post and smaller publications, reporting on mountain issues with a focus on mountain foods.

In Italy she lectures in Culture and History of Food in Italy and Post-productivism in Rural Environments, and works as translator for Monti Sibillini National Park. Her first non-fiction book, “Walking in the Sibillini, A Celebration of a Distinctive Mountain Culture” was published 2014, available in Italian and English. With a background as a scriptwriter, having had her plays produced professionally in London, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Toronto, as well as five commissioned film scripts, Griffiths is now concentrating on mountain writing within an environmental anthropological perspective.
Women Give Fresh Breath Of Life To Ancient

Women Give Fresh Breath Of Life To Ancient Goddess

Homage is being paid to one of the greatest goddesses of the past, in the mountains of Central Italy. The Cybil or Cybele was the Magna Mater, the Mother of the Gods in the far east and then later in...
06/19/2017 08:58 EDT
Foraging For A New

Foraging For A New Future

In Italy eating wild plants has been central to the diet for the majority of the population from the fall of Rome until the end of WWII. Why is it becoming popular again, and how has it been sustainab...
05/11/2017 03:15 EDT
Versatile Fashion From The

Versatile Fashion From The Mountains

An endangered endemic creature is now the mascot for a fashion line. In the heart of the Sibillini Mountains, Central Italy, lies Pontius Pilate's lake. This isolated lake, located at 1940 metres, was...
03/13/2017 02:26 EDT
Earthquakes In Italy's Tamara Griffiths

Earthquakes In Italy's Mountains

Although mountains are always moving imperceptibly, what happens in a national mountain park -- when the earth moves under your feet? The series of earthquakes in Central Italy beginning in August 201...
11/29/2016 11:59 EST
High Fashion In The Tamara Griffiths

High Fashion In The Mountains

Why would a high-end, design and manufacturing company choose to be located in a mountainous area? Dolce Vita design and create fashionable leather goods, which sell all over Europe. They are based o...
08/18/2016 05:45 EDT
Food That Is Tamara Griffiths

Food That Is Feeling

Studies have shown our taste for foods is created by cultural and learned experiences as Petrini (2001), Duruz (2003), Bell and Valentine (1997) and the well-known food writer Montanari (2006) describ...
06/20/2016 10:42 EDT
How Italian Mountain Honey Is John Rizzo via Getty Images

How Italian Mountain Honey Is Made

Think of Italy and one thinks of food, but not many people think 'mountains.' Yet mountains remain a principle source of the traditional, handcrafted food production Italy is famous for. And nowhere is that more true than with honey production.
05/24/2016 05:26 EDT
The True Taste Of Michael Grimm via Getty Images

The True Taste Of Truffles

My search for authentic truffle recipes, not found on the Internet nor in cookbooks, brings me to some inspiring places. Here, in the heartland of truffle culture, in the Central Apennines, I knew I would find something special because this is the only place where truffles can be eaten fresh all year round.
02/05/2016 05:00 EST
Truffle Oil: Chemicals Or maria_esau via Getty Images

Truffle Oil: Chemicals Or Culture?

If you use a truffle sauce at home you are using chemicals called dimethylsulfide and or bismetiltometano which are petrol chemical based and designed to replicate the smell and taste of truffles. Unfortunately this also happens with almost all truffle oils, or if one eats in a restaurant hoping to economize.
01/22/2016 02:27 EST