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Tamara Lindemen

Singer-songwriter from The Weather Station

The standby adjective for describing the music of young Toronto singer-songwriter Tamara Lindeman seems to be “old.” After all, the 10 songs on her stellar second album as The Weather Station, last year’s All of it was Mine, seem built from blocks of bluegrass, British balladry and country sadness. She clenches a banjo and picks a guitar beneath her rail-thin wisp of a voice, her words of sadness and sweetness, commitment and confusion taking the spotlight above elegantly spare arrangements.
On Writing 'Mule in the Flowers,' a Duet with Baby

On Writing 'Mule in the Flowers,' a Duet with Baby Eagle

And so when I travel, and people compliment what I do, I always want to introduce them to my friends. This is why I began my duets project, a series of singles, songs written collaboratively with these songwriters that I love. Songs that make these introductions.
06/25/2013 04:17 EDT