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Tamika Schilbe

Author, Counselor, Recovering Perfectionist, Yoga Educator & Truth Cheerleader

Tamika Schilbe, MSW, E-RYT is an author, counselor, recovering perfectionist, yoga educator, and truth-archaeologist. Her mission is to help people speak their truth to create more clarity, power, and freedom in their lives. Tamika is Co-Founder & Philosophy Instructor at DevaTree School of Yoga. A stargazer at heart, she has yet to shake her 20-year crush on Jean Luc Picard. She enjoys interacting with her readers at
These Two Words Can Jeopardize Your Relationship

These Two Words Can Jeopardize Your Relationship Forever

Often spoken with absolute authority, "I disagree" places itself firmly in opposition to the other. It carves an opinion in granite, hinting that further discussion is irrelevant. In personal relationships, these two words can instantly zap the life out of open communication. The opposite of "I disagree" is exploratory dialogue. Open discussion may create more connection.
08/15/2014 05:43 EDT