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Interesting, thought-provoking, controversial is a forum that openly addresses the lifestyle of the current generation of Tamil men and women, by bridging the divide between their dual cultural influences through our targeted, entertaining and thought provoking content.
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7 Qualities Every Woman Should Look for in Friends

I've just entered the beginning of my 30s and there are quite a few things about life that I'm still confused by and haven't quite "figured out" yet. But there's one thing, without a doubt, that I feel I've managed to really figure out -- it's the type of girlfriends that I should work hard to keep in my life.
06/14/2015 10:54 EDT

How I Came to Value the Tamil Money Club

I knew him for a while. He landed in Canada 28 years back without a penny. He got a job in the kitchen of a restaurant immediately and earned minimum wage. Any extra money he saved, which turned out t...
06/01/2015 11:41 EDT
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Why I've Decided to Get an Arranged Marriage

Whenever I tell my friends that I've thought about getting married to a guy that my parents will pick for me, I always get the same response. But the more I learned about the traditions of my culture, the more I realized that our marriages are both a contract and a sacred journey across lifetimes.
05/25/2015 08:02 EDT
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Words I Want to Say to My Father

I have mixed feelings about my childhood. For the most part, it was a happy one. But I had no real connection with my father. The part he chose to play in our lives -- as far as I could see -- revolved around two things: education and discipline.
05/19/2015 12:57 EDT

Love Can Be Better, The Second Time Around

Amidst the carnage of a failed marriage, as your days become consumed with prying the broken shards of glass from the wounds of a shattered life, it is hard to conceive that anyone will ever be worth the risk of going through all of this again. But a life without love is incomplete -- Love is always worth it.
05/11/2015 12:24 EDT

4 Annoying Things That Happen at Tamil Events

Tamil events such as charity galas, formals and weddings are generally really fun. You'll find a lot of dancing, amazing food and an unpretentious vibe which most people can appreciate. However, there are a few things that routinely occur (not all the time, but often enough to take notice) which can be downright terrible to deal with.
05/03/2015 10:15 EDT
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Are Tamil Restaurant Workers Stuck in the Back of the Kitchen?

I was recently directed to an article that discussed the phenomenon of visible minorities working in Toronto restaurant kitchens. Interestingly, the Sri Lankan Tamil community was cited as staffing almost a third of these kitchens. However, few visible minorities, including Tamils, have found success in the "front of the house" as restaurateurs or culinary chefs.
04/26/2015 10:54 EDT

I am a French Woman in Love with a Tamil Man

We were university students focusing on our education and far from looking for a relationship. Everything was different about us -- culture, language, colour, behaviour, goals. From our first encounter he anticipated the likeliness of his parents preferring to find him a Tamil wife. But life is full of surprises.
04/20/2015 12:15 EDT

As My Eyesight Fails, the World As I See it Is Changing

Imagine driving into a tunnel where you can only see straight down the middle, and nothing on either side: that is what life is like living with a rare genetic eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa. I was 21 when I was diagnosed, excited to live life, travel, and experience so many things, but now I've been given a time frame for how long I'll be able to see the world around me.
04/16/2015 05:31 EDT

I Learned About Value and Privilege From My Immigrant Parents

Despite all their blessings over the last 30 years in Canada, my parents still live a frugal lifestyle etched in the shadows of the carnage of their war-torn past. I know the value of what I have, because of the price THEY had to pay. What happens to children of successful first and second generation Tamil professionals, who no longer need to say "We just don't have money for that"?
04/06/2015 05:22 EDT
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Hollywood Needs to Know That All Skin Tones Are Beautiful

Historically, our Indian society has been so ashamed of dark skin that we have painstakingly shown the Western world only our fairest, and lightest-skinned leading Bollywood actresses. Western civilization has learned from us that these fair-skinned women are "what Indian women look like." And, if that is all they see, then that is all they will ever know.
03/30/2015 12:15 EDT

My Mixed-Race Identity Has Enriched, Not Confused Me

Being raised by two parents who happen to come from two different ethnic backgrounds has thus never made me confused or conflicted about my identity, like some critics of mixed race children may suggest. Rather, I would say that my experiences of coming from two cultures has enriched my worldviews and elicited my interest to learn more about them.
03/23/2015 12:38 EDT
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I'm Single, Tamil, Female... And I'm Divorced

There are many titles I have been taught to wear in my life -- daughter, sister, aunt, wife and graduate -- but I never thought I would add one more to the list. Divorcee. This article is NOT being written because this is a title that I am proud of and definitely NOT something I ever expected to happen, but it happened.
03/15/2015 11:16 EDT
Tamil Culture

An Open Letter to Young Tamil Men About Female Sexuality

There seems to be a flawed assumption somewhere in the depths of our patriarchal culture that the ideal woman should be angelic and innocent, blushing at the mere mention of words like "sex" or "penis." Sometimes, when my anger doesn't blind me, I kind of empathize with you.
03/09/2015 01:04 EDT
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How I Struggled With Adulthood After Being Molested As a Child

Of the six South Asians I entrusted with this information, four have had similar sexually abusive experiences. This problem needs to be discussed more aggressively within the South Asian community. Parents need to be aware that our community is not immune from sexual predators. They come in the form of uncles, fathers, brothers, and friends. More often than not, it's someone you know.
03/02/2015 12:48 EST

As a Gay Tamil Man, I Won't Be Shamed

The intersection of Tamil and Gay seems to signal malfunction. Whether we judge ourselves or are judged by our families or communities, the anxiety and fear caused by discrimination is real. We allow social shaming to dictate the way we feel about a situation, and obsess about what others think.
02/22/2015 11:42 EST