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Tammy Taylor

Cancer survivor, self-employed mother of two, avid walker and yogi

Tammy Taylor is a cancer survivor, mother of two boys aged 16 and 21 and currently lives in Calgary. In between motherhood and running her own business in the interior design and housing industry Tammy enjoys yoga, walking, hiking, gardening, reading, playing piano, cooking, travel and enjoying a nice glass of pinot noir.
My Family Carried Me Through My Cancer Daniel Ingold via Getty Images

My Family Carried Me Through My Cancer Diagnosis

The notion that cancer touches everyone is true. The burden on the family is as great as the burden on the individual. But, the notion that out of hardship comes unexpected blessings is also true. Any cancer patient I have ever talked to expresses, in one way or another, the gifts that come from the diagnosis. It changes both the person and the family.
02/17/2017 08:36 EST