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Tania DaSilva

Child and Youth Therapist, Writer, Animal Lover

Tania DaSilva is child and youth therapist with an abundance of self-help knowledge. She launched Thrive Therapy her private practice in Toronto in January 2016 ( She plans to branch out into the adult world of therapy in the next few years. She has a strong interest in art, social justice and youth justice. On her down time she enjoys traveling the world, experiencing things for the first time and playing with puppies.
Teach Kids These Breathing Techniques To Control Big Shutterstock

Teach Kids These Breathing Techniques To Control Big Emotions

When you teach your child "calm breathing," you are using a technique that works to slow down his/her breathing, combating upset, stressed and anxious feelings. Teaching a child to use calm breathing to regulate their emotions is important because it shows them how to change their breathing to minimize the effects of their emotions.
04/04/2016 01:13 EDT