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Tanis Jorge

Co-Founder, Trulioo

Tanis Jorge is the Co-Founder of Trulioo. As a pioneer in the online identity verification space, she is driven to make the internet a safer place. Tanis is a serial entrepreneur and has a passion for startups and is an advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Why Work at a Tech Startup? Luring Vancouver's Tech Talent to the <i>real</i> Opportunities.

Startups often have to deal with one or all of three big issues: lack of capital, brand recognition and product penetration. While these are real threats and pose the biggest risk to success, startups often have advantages that cannot be found in large, established companies. Educating talent on these benefits helps them make an informed decision between the bright lights of the behemoth and the siren's call of the startup. So, what exactly are these benefits?
11/04/2013 01:55 EST