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Tanya Penny

Communicator, World Vision

Tanya has been a communicator for international aid and development agency World Vision since 2010. Using words and photographs, she tells the stories of children around the world. Prior to joining World Vision, Tanya worked in marketing, communications and media roles across a variety of industries. She has a Masters of Communications and is currently completing her Masters in International Crisis Management.
The Syrians Who Won't Be at This Week's Peace Tanya Penny

The Syrians Who Won't Be at This Week's Peace Talks

As long-awaited Syria peace talks begin this week, World Vision's Tanya Penny will be watching closely. She has been living alongside Syrian refugees in Jordan for the past two months, telling their stories with words and photographs. Here, Tanya describes the heartbreak that even the camera can't capture.
01/22/2014 05:14 EST