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Tara Farahani

Artist, Writer, Social Worker

BSW graduate - Tara Farahani immerses herself in the work of social justice in the interest of gender, race, and sexualities. <br> Starting at age 17, she has used her experiences and knowledge to engage and lead others in discussions on subjects of consent, sexual violence, masculinity and LGBTQ*, amongst many others. I <br> <br> n her free time, Tara is a creative writer and blogs on her website, and also runs a craft artisan accessory brand called Stupid Cupid. <br> <br> In her lifetime, she hopes to bring a sharing of ideas, an openness to constant learning and re-learning, and create her mark where the world holds space.
How To Be A Real Ally To Black Lives

How To Be A Real Ally To Black Lives Matter

In fact, BLMTO is doing something no other group or society has ever done -- centering a Black experience, instead of excluding it. BLMTO looks to put its efforts into elevating and putting forward the issues of Black folks because no one else is -- and this is important and necessary.
07/19/2016 10:47 EDT