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Tara Katrusiak Baran

Tara Katrusiak Baran is a writer and recovering political staffer living in Ottawa, Ontario.

Tara Katrusiak Baran is a writer, recovering political staffer, news junkie, and mother of four daughters aged 9, 7, 3, and 1. Tara’s professional experience includes legislative and policy-development positions on Parliament Hill between 2000-2006, logistics and communications in the federal elections of 2000, 2004, and 2006, and a stint as a ministerial assistant and policy advisor from 2009-2013. At present she is CEO of “the family business,” and lives with her husband and 4 children in Ottawa.
Trump-Putin Bromance Takes Its First SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Trump-Putin Bromance Takes Its First Victim

After several years of appearing on RT, the propaganda arm of the Kremlin, hobnobbing with Russian oligarchs, and cultivating connections with Russian flatterers after his career in US intelligence went south, it has become clear what was motivating Flynn: A combination of personal redemption with a belief that the West is in a culture war with the Islamic world.
02/16/2017 08:51 EST
Why The Next U.S. President Should Be A The Washington Post via Getty Images

Why The Next U.S. President Should Be A Woman

In our world, boys take for granted that the world is their oyster. They assume that they can fill any position, aspire to any vocation. They see role models in action every single day of their lives. From the kings and conquerors of history to modern presidents, boys see no inherent obstacles to obtaining high public office.
02/10/2017 02:05 EST
Want To See Fake News? Check Out 'Russia Mikhail Svetlov via Getty Images

Want To See Fake News? Check Out 'Russia Today'

The general public in the western world has been becoming steadily more aware of the threat of disinformation campaigns -- be they directed by private citizens, corporations, politicians, or governments -- as it is clear that their purpose is to sow confusion, doubt, anger, and callous indifference to our systems of civil organization. Perhaps the most successful example of such propaganda is "Russia Today," known simply as "RT" -- an international television network created and funded by the Russian government.
01/26/2017 06:13 EST
How Do I Explain Trump's Presidential Win To My Carlo Allegri / Reuters

How Do I Explain Trump's Presidential Win To My Daughters?

As I rose before sunrise on Wednesday morning to the cries of my youngest daughter, who is 16 months old, The one question that I asked myself, again and again, was this: How do I explain to these children how a man who has openly bragged about sexually assaulting women has become the president-elect of the United States of America?
11/09/2016 06:13 EST