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Tarek Riman

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Tarek Riman, is the Founder of Cap.TaiM, a digital marketing agency experienced in working with both SMBs and Fortune 500s. His mission is to help clients who have a good product, but haven’t yet reached their full potential to expand their reach, create a strong brand presence and increase onsite conversions. Tarek’s approach is to educate clients so that, no matter their marketing knowledge or background, they understand how to identify and target their ideal clients in the digital world, using the latest technologies available. As a believer in good causes, he has also created two blogs - and - from which, all profits are donated to the UN Refugee fund and poor communities around the world.
You Need More Shower nikkytok via Getty Images

You Need More Shower Time

Totally disconnecting from technology for hours at a time while reconnecting to nature empowers you to open up space for ideas to flow freely. Ideas that would normally get clogged up in the brain clutter of online life. This is what it takes to tap into something greater; to tap into your highest potential.
04/06/2017 05:40 EDT
What Is Weighing You Tarek Riman

What Is Weighing You Down?

Have you ever felt like you're being weighed down? There is a saying I often heard growing up in Lebanon: "The more you own, the more you will be owned". When I packed for a bike trip across Europe,...
03/02/2017 02:23 EST
5 Things To Remember When Times Get Jupiterimages via Getty Images

5 Things To Remember When Times Get Tough

The day will come. Someone will disappoint you. Someone will betray you. Your day won't go as planned. Your boss will get angry. Your client will get angry. You'll lose something. You'll lose someone. The list of potential setbacks is never ending. These challenges can make it feel impossible to keep it together, and that's normal.
11/24/2016 11:57 EST
3 Trend Measurement Tools Your Business shironosov via Getty Images

3 Trend Measurement Tools Your Business Needs

As entrepreneurs, we all want to predict the future. Wouldn't it be great to know the next big thing? Or what's going to grab your market's attention? After that, the key question becomes how to capitalize on this insight. Trend management tools not only give you insight into the future, they also help you plan for the future.
08/30/2016 07:58 EDT
SEO In 2016 Has Evolved Beyond Simple NicoElNino via Getty Images

SEO In 2016 Has Evolved Beyond Simple Keywords

A sufficient SEO strategy today not only ensures your website ranks well for relevant, high-volume keywords, it must also account for brand integrity, customer support, conversions and data security. If you want to be successful, you need to be ready to address the full DNA of SEO in 2016.
08/26/2016 03:38 EDT
What Does Marketing Smell Jennifer Hardt, Sweethardt Photography via Getty Images

What Does Marketing Smell Like?

If you, like most people, think we only experience marketing through our eyes and ears, think again! Have you ever walked into the fragrance section of a department store or duty free shop? Do you remember the last time you walked through the produce section of a grocery store? What about each time you open the door to your favourite coffee shop?
06/10/2016 12:52 EDT
We Are No Longer Marketing To Getty

We Are No Longer Marketing To Consumers

Consumers are not static groups. They are not one dimensional. For marketers, they are a dynamic collection of varying behaviours. And the insight we have into those behaviours is immense. Marketing to behaviours means marketing to a series of demands, habits, visits and more.
11/30/2015 04:31 EST