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Taryn Eyton

Writer, adventurer

Taryn’s home is in Vancouver but her heart is in the great outdoors.

Her first ever backpacking trip was a 5-day blitz of the West Coast Trail over a decade ago and she’s been hooked on hiking ever since.

You can find her on the trails of Vancouver’s North Shore on weeknights and somewhere in the backcountry of Southwestern B.C. on weekends.

She is passionate about keeping the wilderness wild and is a certified Leave No Trace Trainer. Keep up with Taryn’s

adventures on her blog, and on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, where she posts LNT related posts on Tuesdays as part of the #LeaveNoTraceTuesday movement.
You Killed A

You Killed A Bear

Because of you, a bear was killed. You kept making a mess. You kept leaving your garbage on the ground and in the shelter. You kept cooking in your campsite. You kept storing food in your tent and in your backpack. And the bear still couldn't resist. It was hungry and alone. And it kept coming back.
08/12/2016 07:30 EDT