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Taslim Jaffer

Freelance Writer, Social Change Ambassador, Speaker

Taslim Jaffer is a fundraiser and freelance writer, and blogs about creativity, social change, personal growth and motherhood at Let ME Out!! ( Her three children teach her about patience, faith and balance while inspiring her to work toward a more loving world.
Canada, Please Stay Tolerant for My Muslim CP

Canada, Please Stay Tolerant for My Muslim Children

The events in Ottawa on October 22, 2014 shook me and I will always remember the details of when I heard the news. I was standing outside the preschool waiting for my son's teacher to open the door when another parent said, "Oh, it's going to be a bad day..." My gaze rested on the top of my son's head. And then I turned to his Chinese friend, and then his Indian friend, and over to his Caucasian friend. From child to child, my eyes moved, and filled with tears. Please let them always be like this, oblivious to their "differences." Please let this not get ugly for them.
10/25/2014 11:40 EDT
The 10-Second Text That Made Someone's OJO Images via Getty Images

The 10-Second Text That Made Someone's Day

The text I received a few minutes later nearly exploded through my handheld and enveloped me in OMGs, thanks yous and plenty of exclamation marks. Reading her words, "You SOOOO just made my day!" planted a huge smile on my face. I imagined my friend's face had a similar expression. Not bad for a 10-second text, eh?
11/27/2013 05:44 EST
Do the Good Guys Ever Really Huffington Post

Do the Good Guys Ever Really Win?

Public shaming has become a widespread disease across the web, infecting comment boxes, blog posts, Facebook statuses and tweets. People are not just politely disagreeing; they are name-calling, ridic...
10/29/2013 05:38 EDT
How Seeing a Penny and Picking it Up Changed My

How Seeing a Penny and Picking it Up Changed My Life

My friend saw a penny, picked up a penny, and with her eyes closed brought it close to her lips and made a kissing motion. Just as seamlessly, she tucked it the penny into her jeans pocket and continued the conversation. Slightly embarrassed for her, I chose not to say anything. I didn't want to call attention to the fact that she just picked something up from the ground.
09/20/2013 05:41 EDT