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Tera Kristen

Writer & Community Manager for Startups

Tera Kristen builds and manages online communities through writing, social media and digital strategy. Her education in psychology has fuelled an obsession with understanding personal and professional wellbeing, which she writes about weekly on The Flourish Blog.
Giving Your Parents the

Giving Your Parents the "Sex Talk"

I slowly came to the realization that it's parents that need the "sex talk" from kids. The "echo boom" generation may be more comfortable with sexuality, but are we comfortable with our baby boomer parents' sexuality? How can we help our parents embrace a healthy sex life without sitting them down for that uncomfortable sex talk?
10/22/2013 01:45 EDT
Authentic Leadership is Not Concerned with

Authentic Leadership is Not Concerned with Status

I sought to find my inner force through Institute B's second Changemakers workshop on "Authentic Leadership". Institute B is a Vancouver-based startup accelerator that provides guidance, funding and education to local entrepreneurs and their nascent companies. Institute B focuses on helping socially-conscious companies and people whom do not sacrifice making the world better for profit.
10/15/2013 01:44 EDT
Changemakers Build A Better

Changemakers Build A Better Business

Answering "how is the world left better because of me" guides people from abstract goals and mindsets to deciding what behaviours are necessary every day. Focusing on the emotional response to these questions is the foundation for a business's culture and brand. In just two hours with Institute B, I learn more about myself, personally and professionally, than I do in most of the business workshops I attended this year combined. Now that's good for business.
09/24/2013 09:13 EDT