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Terezia Farkas

Depression survivor. Author. Columnist. Director CDRIN LE Executive.

Terezia Farkas is an International bestselling author, Huffington Post blogger, Depression Help columnist, and CDRIN LE Executive Director. Her bestseller Heart of Love Evolution – Surviving Depression is available on Amazon. Connect with Terezia on Twitter, Facebook, and

Sanctuary Cities Divide Inclusive Canada Into 'Us' And NurPhoto via Getty Images

Sanctuary Cities Divide Inclusive Canada Into 'Us' And 'Them'

When a person is escaping war or simply wants to immigrate to Canada, the driving force is the idea that Canada is an inclusive, safe country of multiculturalism. Declaring a city a "sanctuary city" is a slap in the face of Canadians because a sanctuary city tells the world that somehow the rest of Canada is not a safe place for refugees and immigrants.
03/31/2017 03:59 EDT
Are O'Leary And Leitch The Faces Of Rene Johnston via Getty Images

Are O'Leary And Leitch The Faces Of Conservatism?

O'Leary wants the top job of Prime Minister, but he won't run in any upcoming vacant ridings because he doesn't want to sit in Parliament as an MP. That should tell you what he thinks about the men and women who give up lucrative jobs in the private sector to work as public servants. Because an MP is a public servant, accountable to Canadian voters, sworn to serve Canada.
02/06/2017 08:22 EST
Promoting Unity With Bhangra Terezia Farkas

Promoting Unity With Bhangra Dance

Inclusion is about sharing our abilities, making the world a classroom that treasures diversity and teaches us to live together. In Whitehorse, Yukon people of all ethnicities are coming together with Punjabi Bhangra dance. Gurdeep Pandher is the man behind the movement.
08/04/2016 01:59 EDT
Resilience Is A Circular Felbert & Eickenberg / STOCK4B via Getty Images

Resilience Is A Circular Bounce

What's the first thing you think when you hear "resilience"? I bet it goes something along the lines of being able to bounce back from a trying or traumatic experience. I would also say you probably assume the person goes back to the same state of being as before the event. You're not wrong, but you're not exactly right.
07/21/2016 01:28 EDT
5 Ways To Prep For A Depression Hemera Technologies via Getty Images

5 Ways To Prep For A Depression Relapse

Recovering from depression isn't a smooth one way process. There's lots of relapses. Relapses are okay. Relapses are part of depression. They are warning signals that you might be pushing yourself too much emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. Relapses can be nasty, not just for you but people you care about. Having a good depression relapse safety net in place can limit the severity and duration of your relapse. Here's 5 ways to prep for a depression relapse.
05/17/2016 12:38 EDT
Alberta's Bill 6 Is About Having A Safer CP

Alberta's Bill 6 Is About Having A Safer Workplace

Bill 6 gives workers access to workers compensation benefits if injured on the job. Other Alberta occupations involving heavy physical labour require WCB -- from construction to the oil companies. The right to refuse unsafe work is a common sense approach to a situation where a person might be maimed for life or worse, dead.
12/08/2015 02:39 EST
Harper's Control of Communication Is Breaking CP

Harper's Control of Communication Is Breaking Down

To Canadians, Stephen Harper has been vague about what he did know about the plan to repay Senator Mike Duffy's Senate expenses and clear only about what he didn't know. Even with what Stephen Harper did know, the story keeps changing. The entire mess has become Canada's Watergate.
08/24/2015 08:28 EDT
Why Trudeau Can't Say Yes to a Coalition With CP

Why Trudeau Can't Say Yes to a Coalition With Mulcair

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is right to say no to any coalition talks with the NDP. It's a con game by the NDP and one that would make voters punish the Liberals. For one thing, the Liberals and the NDP are very different on issues like the Sherbrooke Declaration and the Senate. Then there's the question who'll lead and for how long. A coalition also begs the question why should you vote if the second and third status parties are going to knock out the sitting government.
07/28/2015 08:10 EDT
Can Canadians Trust Thomas Mulcair With the Country's Top CP

Can Canadians Trust Thomas Mulcair With the Country's Top Job?

Mulcair's image has been cleaned up by party strategists for the 2015 election, but we've seen enough of his behaviour and attitude over the years to make some judgement. Should Canadians judge Thomas Mulcair by his campaign image or by his character? Like any employer, Canadians need to know the man they're hiring for Canada's top job. Can Canadians trust Thomas Mulcair with being prime minister?
07/17/2015 08:13 EDT
A Look at the New Pan-Canada Mental Health

A Look at the New Pan-Canada Mental Health Survey

The National Mental Health Survey is open to all Canadians, not just people suffering with mental health issues. That means caregivers and family members can also take part. It's a 15 minute online survey that's with the deadline of June 27, 2015.
06/21/2015 08:42 EDT
Farm Stress And The Next Bill Hinton Photography via Getty Images

Farm Stress And The Next Generation

Farming is a high stress occupation in which the job merges with personal identity. Relationships quickly become complicated if the job becomes the only focus. Children don't always become farmers. Many leave farm life forever, but some of those who return to the family farm bring innovations in technology and management that help reduce the stress of farming.
10/16/2014 12:37 EDT
Too Many Farmers Are Committing Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Too Many Farmers Are Committing Suicide

Farmers are committing suicide as you read this article. In countries like India, the rate of farmer suicides has become a national crisis. The World Health Organization (WHO) is particularly concerned with farmer suicides because of the impact it is having on families. WHO estimates that one person commits suicide every 13.3 minutes.
09/11/2014 07:55 EDT