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Terrance Oakey

President, Merit Canada

Terrance Oakey is president of Merit Canada, which represents open shop construction associations from across Canada. He is responsible for expanding the national presence and influence of the open shop coalition, which seeks a fair and transparent construction marketplace. Oakey hails from Halifax and is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick.
Will The Charbonneau Commission Change PC

Will The Charbonneau Commission Change Anything?

The public is justified in asking our politicians what taxpayers will receive in response. Is this going to be another report that sits on a shelf, or will the political level now address the systemic issues that gave rise to the rot and corruption that so enthralled those who followed the proceedings?
12/09/2015 03:33 EST
Let Canadians See Where Unions Are Throwing Their Xesai via Getty Images

Let Canadians See Where Unions Are Throwing Their Money

Liberals should also be wary since unions will quickly throw their money at another party if you dare step out of line, as happened in the 2012 Ontario by-election in Kitchener-Waterloo when unions spent over $1.5 million in ads in support of the NDP campaign following a government showdown with teachers' unions. That is perhaps the most disturbing element of this big money politics: it is hard to see it as anything other than buying influence.
07/29/2014 01:22 EDT
Prime Time on the Workers'

Prime Time on the Workers' Dime

Unions can spend however much they want on election campaigns, TV ads or any other political or social cause, but such spending should be fully disclosed and funded by voluntary contributions. That is critical to maintaining the integrity of the democratic process and the accountability of union leaders.
06/02/2014 05:25 EDT
Why Free Trade Agreements Grow Canadian

Why Free Trade Agreements Grow Canadian Business

Policies that restrict competition ultimately act to the detriment of Canadian firms and their workers. Free trade agreements like CETA open new markets for Canadian companies, but also force them to compete against foreign entities at home. It is that competition that spurs innovation and productivity.
03/28/2014 12:09 EDT
Make Infrastructure Dollars Go Further with Open

Make Infrastructure Dollars Go Further with Open Tendering

The 2014 Federal Budget made important investments in Canada's infrastructure, something for which the Harper Government deserves great praise. However, the Government could get a lot more bang for its infrastructure buck if it required open tendering for all projects using federal money.
02/13/2014 05:10 EST
Who Really Represents CP

Who Really Represents Workers?

"Pick your battles" is a familiar refrain for anyone involved in politics, advocacy or any endeavour wherein opposing points of view will be competing for public attention. Most organizations will review issues and determine which are critical and which are not, and then fight for the most precious while conceding that others are perhaps not as important.
12/20/2013 05:05 EST
Expect More

Expect More "Sky Is Falling" Rhetoric From Union Leaders

Canada's union leaders are about to engage in another round of "sky is falling" rhetoric over a private members bill they claim is an affront to worker rights, democracy, collective bargaining and basically all things honest and decent in society. What then is the radical proposal being considered?
10/27/2013 11:43 EDT
Will a Retired Supreme Court Justice

Will a Retired Supreme Court Justice Do?

On May 31 Canadian Labour Congress president Ken Georgetti issued a press release suggesting supporters of union financial disclosure legislation currently before the Senate "cannot find a single constitutional expert who will agree that Bill C-377 is constitutional." We've received a legal opinion that says otherwise.
06/05/2013 05:14 EDT
Do These Anti-Harper Videos Go too CP

Do These Anti-Harper Videos Go too Far?

Whether PSAC had any credibility on intellectual debate prior to posting these videos is a discussion for another day. The bigger issue is how unions fund these outrageous campaigns. The videos on this website, for example, are professionally produced, with real actors, at who knows what cost.
04/22/2013 05:39 EDT
What Union Leaders Aren't Telling You About Bill Getty Images

What Union Leaders Aren't Telling You About Bill C-377

When the Senate returns this week, one of the major items on its agenda will be Private Member's Bill C-377, which would impose new financial reporting requirements on organized labour. With that in mind, here are five key aspects of the legislation to consider as the Senate debates the Bill and union leaders engage in a renewed propaganda campaign.
02/05/2013 12:20 EST
Bill C-377: Canada's Unions Should Quit While They Are Alamy

Bill C-377: Canada's Unions Should Quit While They Are Ahead

An important piece of legislation was passed by the House of Commons this week. Bill C-377, sponsored by British Columbia MP Russ Hiebert, will require unions and other labour organizations in Canada to file annual public reports detailing their financial statements, salaries paid to top employees, the amount of time spent on lobbying and political activities, and certain information about expenditures over $5,000. Regardless, union leaders will undoubtedly spend even more money to now try to defeat the bill in the Senate. All of which raises the question: why are union leaders so afraid of transparency?
12/13/2012 08:09 EST
The NDP Trades Reason for Theatrics in Bill Alamy

The NDP Trades Reason for Theatrics in Bill C-377

Often the first sign of someone losing a debate is the tactics they employ. This maxim has proven true in recent weeks with the public and parliamentary debate on Bill C-377. The recent rhetoric and tactics employed by unions and their proxies in parliament, the New Democrats, have ranged from abhorrent to desperate.
12/03/2012 08:06 EST
Bill-C377 is Only Scary if Unions Have Something to

Bill-C377 is Only Scary if Unions Have Something to Hide

Canada's union leaders are involved in an unprecedented campaign to avoid any efforts to impose transparency requirements required by Bill C-377. The real reason for the campaign against transparency is because union leaders do not want anyone to see how they are spending the $4 billion collected each year in forced contributions. If operating in a transparent manner cripples Canada's union movement, then union leaders have only themselves to blame for that demise.
11/02/2012 07:58 EDT