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Terri Fedonczak

Author, Life Coach

With 22 years of parenting experience and a certified life coach specializing in parent and teen coaching, Terri Fedonczak wants to live in a world where girls recognize their own power and choose to use it for good. On a trip to South Africa, Fedonczak witnessed the power of lionesses as they supported each other within the pride; it was a lightning bolt of realization, leading her on a mission to bring the Power of the Pride to girls and their parents.

After 16 years as a commercial real estate agent, a bout with breast cancer transformed Fedonczak’s life in 2010, making her realize that time with her four girls and patient husband was a much better deal than money and status. It was time to put her mission into action. She left sales and embarked on a journey of spreading the message of Girl Power for Good. Today, Fedonczak takes the Girl Power message into schools, talking to 7th-9th grade girls about how to thrive in the wilds of high school.

Field Guide to Plugged-In Parenting, Even If You Were Raised by Wolves is available for purchase at

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