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Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson

Legal Counsel for the Haida Nation, Cultural Advocate, Singer

Renewal and cultivating a collective path forward are the hallmarks of Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson’s work in both her music and law practices. Her culture-bridging CD New Journeys and previous work archiving the ancient songs of the Haida Nation has garnered three Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. Her law practice has worked to achieve reconciliation over the lands and waters of her homeland Haida Gwaii, off the west coast of Canada, including the landmark Haida Nation case.
The Stories Art Tells: Lessons from the Charles Edenshaw

The Stories Art Tells: Lessons from the Charles Edenshaw Exhibit

While the Haida Nation, B.C. and Canada have taken strides in shared land management, B.C. and Canada oppose Haida Aboriginal Title to the lands and waters of Haida Gwaii. In their legal arguments they completely deny Haida Aboriginal Title and rights. They deny that the Haida owned land. These denials are centuries old and belong to "another time".
11/18/2013 05:35 EST