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Terry Campbell

President, Canadian Bankers Association

Terry Campbell is President of the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA). In this capacity, he is the principal spokesperson for the banking industry in Canada
and communicates the perspectives of the industry to all levels of government, regulators, international bodies, media and the Canadian public. He also
ensures that the CBA plays a leadership role in the development of sound public policy on financial services.
He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Banking Federation (IBFed), a forum that
addresses issues affecting banking around the world.

Mr. Campbell joined the CBA in 1997 and most recently held the position of Vice President, Policy. In this
role, he was responsible for supporting the banking industry’s policy development and advocacy activities
regarding federal financial services legislation reform, policy and legislation affecting banks as employers,
international trade policy, and a range of regulatory issues at the provincial level.

Prior to joining the CBA, Mr. Campbell had a sixteen year career in the Ontario public service, including
serving at the director level with responsibility for policy related to provincially-regulated financial services.

Mr. Campbell graduated with a Master’s degree in History from Queen's University and completed his
undergraduate work at the University of Toronto. He has served on the Guelph Museums Board of
Management and the Board of the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario. He is active in mentoring
programs for recent immigrants to Canada.
Don't Call it a Bailout. It CP

Don't Call it a Bailout. It Wasn't.

A recent report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) says Canadians were never told the real cost of a $114-billion "secret bailout'' for the country's biggest banks during the financial crisis. It's difficult to see why the CCPA continues to try to make this an issue three years later.
05/01/2012 02:10 EDT